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Merrill Lynch, MERRIL EDGE Investing, MarketPro™ = They are counter party on: BATS |BIDS ATS |NYSE Amex, Arca|Chicago, EDGA, EDGX, ISE Stock Exchange|eBX/LeveL ATS|CBOE C21|Nasdaq Options Market |OMX Phlx.

Pertains to ALL accounts up to and including NASDAQ Level II accounts


The Merril Lynch website is designed to look different than typical trading sites. There’s no Risk Statement link. It actually took over an hour of searching to find what I was looking for- the info that’s normally under “risk statement” or “customer account agreement” – The statement where they inform you about whats really going on.  
They are required to tell you the truth -and they do. It says you cant trust their advice because they are paid to tell you where to invest by the various exchanges and or by the fund/securities provider. They state that they:  Act as the counter party, Purchase holdings against you, act as market makers, profit 100% from acting as the Principle. They advise you to do what will make them the most money- regardless of if its thru your gain or your loss of funds. There’s more-  read below….

Please read the statement below. Warn anyone you know who invests thru Merril Lynch in ANY form at all (mutual funds, securities, stock, all forms of investing)

To follow my path to the information- start here: http://www.ml.com/index.asp?id=7695_15125 scroll to bottom of short page and click  Legal Information.  On that page – scroll down to Routing and Execution Disclosures Made Pursuant to Rules 605 and 606 of SEC Regulation NMS. At the end of the second paragraph of Rule 606 select: “click here” which takes you to this page: Material Aspects of Relationship with Route Venues which I copied to below.

Resource links:

Merrill Edge MarketPro

SEC Rule 606 Reports – Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated

Disclosure Information:

Disclosure Information: Material Aspects of Relationships with Venues to Which Customer Orders are Routed Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (“MLPF&S”) is a broker-dealer that executes customer orders as agent and/or principal and receives remuneration for performing these execution services. MLPF&S acts as a registered market maker in numerous Nasdaq securities and may execute customer orders in such securities on a principal basis. MLPF&S also may principally commit capital to facilitate customer transactions or serve as the contra-side to customer orders executed internally through one of the alternative trading systems operated by MLPF&S.
Investors should understand that MLPF&S stands to realize 100% of any profits or losses generated when MLPF&S trades as agent and/or principal in respect of customer orders.
Aside from holdings that MLPF&S may acquire from time-to-time as part of its ordinary market making, block positioning, client facilitation and related hedging activities, MLPF&S (or an affiliate under common control) may acquire equity stakes in market centers as part of a strategic investment. In this regard, MLPF&S or an affiliate owns a minority equity investment stake in the following market centers and therefore stands to participate as a shareholder/investor in the profits that each market center realizes in part from the execution of securities transactions, including transactions that may involve orders for the accounts of MLPF&S customers: (i) BATS Exchange, (ii) BIDS ATS, (iii) NYSE Amex, (iv) Chicago Stock Exchange, (v) Direct Edge Holdings (EDGA Exchange, EDGX Exchange and ISE Stock Exchange), (vi) eBX/LeveL ATS, (vii) NYSE Arca, (viii) NYSE Amex, (ix) CBOE C2, (x) Nasdaq Options Market, (xi) Nasdaq OMX Phlx.
Additionally, MLPF&S is affiliated with Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corp. (“ML Pro”), which acts as a market maker on certain options exchanges, including the CBOE, CBOE C2, ISE, BATS Exchange, NYSE Arca, NYSE Amex, Nasdaq Options Market and Nasdaq OMX PHLX. Accordingly, MLPF&S may stand to indirectly share in the profits or losses that ML Pro generates by transacting as options market maker, including transactions that may involve orders for the accounts of MLPF&S customers.
MLPF&S routes customer and proprietary orders to national securities exchanges, alternative trading systems, electronic communications networks, and broker-dealers. Based on their fee schedules, certain market centers offer credits for orders that provide liquidity to their books and assess fees for orders that take liquidity from their books. In some cases, the credits offered by a market center to MLPF&S over a period of time may exceed the charges assessed. MLPF&S participates in the options order flow programs sponsored by the NYSE Amex Options, CBOE, ISE, NYSE Arca and PHLX. These exchange-sponsored programs offer payments for listed option orders that are directed to such options markets.

I’m now researching the UK business documents and will post that info in a separate post. Link to the UK data on their website is here:


Comment in Global Wealth Management documents :

Where this communication is sent by a branch of Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited, please note that mutual fund materials are only directed at persons to whom, and are distributed only to persons to whom, unregulated collective investment schemes may be promoted in accordance with the rules of the UK Financial Services Authority, including in particular Rule 3.11 of the Conduct of Business sourcebook (“relevant persons”). Such investments are available only to, and any invitation, offer or agreement to subscribe, purchase or otherwise acquire such investments will be engaged in only with, relevant persons. Any person who is not a relevant person should not act or rely on these materials. Merrill Lynch does not operate as a banking entity in all jurisdictions.

while its detailing that only the person whom it was sent to is whom can act on the offer- it reveals that the Financial Services Authority in UK allows Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes!

The Financial Services Authority is in charge of Regulating financial services – so why would it permit unregulated activities to be promoted to anyone?





It’s been a couple weeks since I filed complaints with every branch of the trade industry and consumer protection agencies (6 total) and there has been no results. I have to consider that the level of corruption goes up higher than I thought- involving not just the NSA but also the CFTC. 

Not even the American Gaming Association has reacted to the fact that forex trading platforms- upon becoming self contained systems- became legally a “Gambling Machine” or a tool for “Online Gaming” – both of which fall under their jurisdiction.

CNN replied with a “thanks for your story” but no action has followed. The Attorney General said the CFTC has to address it before they can.  I thought there was nothing more I could do- then ***ping! Duh! This is a federal crime happening on a national level- federal crime = FBI

I think it’s pretty pathetic for just 1 person …. me…. to be fighting so hard to stop something that doesn’t even affect me. I’m doing this to try stop you- the person reading this that does trade “forex” from being ripped off.

People- it’s time for YOU to do your part- COMPLAIN TO THE FBI  ask your broker questions- demand to know if your trading against a computer program. Ask them if your orders are called out- pooled and submitted to anywhere at all- or is it like that blogger says- all my orders are processed right on the platform. Ask them how many platforms are supervised per employee. And are they allowed to alter or adjust the contract price after the transaction has been completed? FIGHT BACK!!

Most importantly- ask to see the companies financial report- the page that shows how much was paid out to customers in 2012.  I noticed a few days ago that on all these financial reports- there’s no line that shows how much was withdrawn by customers that was in excess of what the put into the account. WHERE DOES IT SHOW PROFITS PAID OUT 

Why is that…… oh… I know……………………………………. there aren’t any.  


White-collar crime is financially-motivated nonviolent crime committed for illegal monetary gain.


Within criminology, it was first defined by sociologist Edwin Sutherland in 1939 as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation“.


The FBI has adopted the narrow approach, defining white-collar crime as “those illegal acts which are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and which are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence” ____________________________________________________________

  1. Attempt and conspirac
  2. Material involving sexual exploitation of minors
  3. Mail fraud – frauds and swindles
  4. Bank fraud
  5. Prohibition of illegal gambling businesses


Some forms of corruption—-now called “institutional corruption”[2]—-are distinguished from bribery and other kinds of obvious personal gain. Campaign contributions are the prime example. Even when they are legal, and do not constitute a quid pro quo, they have a tendency to bias the process in favor of special interests, and undermine public confidence in the political institution. They corrupt the institution without individual members being corrupt themselves. A similar problem of corruption arises in any institution that depends on financial support from people who have interests that may conflict with the primary purpose of the institution.


NFA Rules that prove Platforms are just simulated trading= not real trading

NFA rules about platforms

Trade Integrity

General Standard
FDMs must adopt and enforce written procedures reasonably designed to ensure the integrity of trades placed on their trading platforms.

. Trading platforms must be designed to provide bids and offers that are reasonably related to current market prices and conditions. For example, bids and offers should increase as prices increase, and spreads should remain relatively constant unless the market is volatile.
Furthermore, if an FDM advertises a particular spread (e.g., 1 pip) for certain currency pairs or provides for a particular spread in its customer agreement, the system should be designed to provide that spread.

The report should exclude transactions by contract eligible participants **as that term is defined in Section 1a(12) of the CEA.
 (** contract eligible participant=those with accounts with over 10 million)
Management should approve each fill outsi de the price range displayed by the system when a market order was placed and should document the reason for the fill price.

If the FDM’s customer agreement provides for exceptions in volatile or illiquid markets and those exceptions are prominently disclosed, the system may be programmed to be consistent with the agreement’s terms.

The BIG Forex lie you believe is real (Your not trading Forex) PROOF ITS A SCAM

The number one issue traders face right now is misinformation. Those running the retail forex industry know that traders are unaware that the whole trade environment switched from real to 100% simulated in the US and parts of the UK.  Any trader who searches for information on Google or Bing will come up with the answers I posted below. They explain forex the way we think it is now. But its actually only the way things used to be. This old information is keeping thousands of traders from seeing the truth.

The truth is only found on the NFA website and only if you dig deep.  Here is the link to read it in detail for yourself-http://www.nfa.futures.org/nfamanual/NFAManual.aspx

It clearly states that

  • All traders and businesses with less than 10,000 million in assets is labeled a “Customer.”
  • “Customers” trade the “Retail Market” “OTC”
  •  The “Retail Market” is only traded Off-Exchange
  • On all Off-Exchange transactions, the broker acts as the only counter party.
  • That they can only claim “no slippage” if they dont have access rights to adjust the price orders were closed at- after the ordered was executed.


The blue italicized writing is comments by me. Red is critical info. as is bold Lettering.


Tell every trader the truth. Demand simulated trading be recategorized as online gambling, The difference between the old platforms  and the current ones is what the program is being used for. The real platforms are nothing but data pushers. A way to pass numbers back and forth with accuracy- and with a record of the transaction. Like paying for something with your pay pal account. It processes the numbers and transfers the money for you. 

The new platforms are no longer a tool that a broker uses to transfer orders back and forth between people. The new platforms are running self contained simulated trading games that trade against you right there on the platform. Your orders are not sent to any bank or other traders. It’s just like playing on line slots. You put real money in an account and virtually pull the lever and see if you win. You know its rigged to make you loose. So are the trading platforms. (You didn’t loose your touch in the last 5 years- they just started cheating).

The following definitions came from wipikidia and Investopedia. The 3rd definition is thru the UK. You can tell they basically copied what the the other page said.

What they describe is what most traders think they are doing-  You think your using a trading platform to trade on the Interbank trade network.  Your trading all by your self against a computer game programmed to make you loose.

Definition of ‘Interbank Market’

The financial system and trading of currencies among banks and financial institutions, excluding retail investors and smaller trading parties. While some interbank trading is performed by banks on behalf of large customers**(accounts over 10 million only), most interbank trading takes place from the banks’ own accounts.
Investopedia explains ‘Interbank Market’

The interbank market for forex serves commercial turnover of currency investments as well as a large amount of speculative, short-term currency trading. According to data compiled in 2004 by the Bank for International Settlements, approximately 50% of all forex transactions are strictly interbank trades. (not any more)

Interbank foreign exchange marketFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The interbank market is the top-level foreign exchange market where banks exchange different currencies.[1] The banks can either deal with one another directly, or through electronic brokering platforms. The Electronic Broking Services (EBS) and Thomson Reuters Dealing 3000 Xtra are the two competitors in the electronic brokering platform business** and together connect over 1000 banks.[1] The currencies of most developed countries have floating exchange rates. These currencies do not have fixed values but, rather, values that fluctuate relative to other currencies.
** The only real platforms
The interbank market is an important segment of the foreign exchange market. It is a wholesale market through which most currency transactions are channeled. It is mainly used for trading among bankers. The three main constituents of the interbank market are

the spot market
the forward market
SWIFT (Society for World-Wide Interbank Financial Telecommunications)

The interbank market is unregulated and decentralized. There is no specific location or exchange where these currency transactions take place. However, foreign currency options are regulated in the United States and trade on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Further, in the U.S., the Federal Reserve Bank publishes closing spot prices on a daily basis.

Market makers

Unlike the Stock Market, the Foreign Currency Exchange Market (Forex) does not have a physical central exchange like the NYSE does at 11 Wall Street.[2] Without a central exchange, currency exchange rates are made, or set, by market makers.[1] Banks constantly quote a bid and ask price based on anticipated currency movements taking place and thereby make the market. Major Banks like UBS, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup handle very large currency trading (forex) transactions often in billions of dollars.[1] These transactions cause the primary movement of currency prices in the short term.

Other factors contribute to currency exchange rates and these include forex[3] transactions made by smaller banks, hedge funds, companies, forex brokers and traders. Companies are involved in forex transaction due to their need to pay for products and services supplied from other countries which use a different currency. Forex traders on the other hand use forex transaction, of a much smaller volume with comparison to banks, to benefit from anticipated currency movements by buying cheap and selling at a higher price or vice versa. This is done through forex brokers who act as a mediator between a pool of traders and also between themselves and banks.

Central banks also play a role in setting currency exchange rates by altering interest rates. By increasing interest rates they stimulate traders to buy their currency as it provides a high return on investment and this drives the value of the corresponding central bank’s currency higher with comparison to other currencies.

Interbank Forex Markets Explained

The Interbank forex markets, as obvious from the term, is the highest level in the foreign exchange markets where banks exchange currencies directly with one another. The Interbank forex markets can also be referred to as the forex wholesale market where most of the currency transactions are performed and is mostly used for trading within the banking community. The interbank forex markets is unregulated and decentralized, thus there is no central location or an exchange where these transactions take place, unlike the stock markets where transactions are carried out at the stock exchange.

What comprises the Interbank Forex Markets

The Interbank makers is made up of three components.

Spot markets: Also known as the organized or OTC (over the counter) market. This is made up of cash market is known as the publish financial markets where financial tradable instruments and/or commodities are traded for immediate delivery. The spot market prices are individually agreed between the parties and therefore the prices are usually not published. The spot markets entails a two day delivery period in order to move cash from one bank to the other. The online forex trading markets is usually comprised of the spot markets as trading is purely speculative driven and transactions are done on the spot.

Forward markets: The forward markets is over the counter financial markets that dealins in the CFD’s or contracts for differences for future delivery. Forward markets are also known as forward contracts and are personalized between the buyer and seller which includes the delivery time and amount which is usually determined at the time of the transaction.

SWIFT: Most of us who have ever made an international bank WIRE would have heard about this or BIC (Bank Identified Codes). SWIFT is an acronymn for Society for Worldwide Interbank FInancial Telecommunications. SWIFT is used to send payment orders that are usually settled via the correspondent accounts which the banks have with each other.
What moves the Interbank Exchange Rates

Due to the fact that the forex market is decentralized, banks set their own bid and ask prices taking into account any anticipated currency fluctuations that might take place. It is safe to say that the forex market is actually made up of market makers due to the fact that banks have their own price quotes. Large scale banks such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citigroup handle large volumes of currency transactions and it is due to the movement of this volume which is the primary driver of the currency prices, especially in a short term perspective. Of course, there are other factors that influence the Interbank exchange rates such as hedge funds, smaller banks and online forex brokers and traders.

How do forex traders fit into the bigger game

Forex traders make money by purchasing one currency and selling another currency. The difference in the bid and ask price of these currencies is how profits are made. Therefore, forex traders are familiar with the term, buy low sell high. Forex traders make their profits by the fluctuations in the currency prices as cited above. ECN Forex brokers are the kind of brokers that connect forex traders straight to the tier 1 liquidity providers made up of banks and financial institutions. It is because of the interbank forex markets that ECN forex traders get to see pricing where in most cases the spreads are almost zero.

Read more http://www.ecnforex.co.uk/interbank-forex-markets-explained/

NFA supporting their lie:

NFA definition of on vs off exchange

SOME foreign currency contracts are traded off exchange? they make it sound like it happens occasionally instead of the 100% off exchange trading done for all retail customers. All with less than 10 million.


Barclays Margin FX is partnership of Barclay/FXCM.Using FXCM platform.Has a no-liability clause.

Partnership between Barclay and FXCM results in an extra high risk platform. Because the platform belongs to FXCM- Barclay is able to place a total no-liability clause in the contract. The importion portion of the contract is provided below the merger article. Note that it makes it possible to do whatever they want to the platform and your account without being liable for any losses it causes you. This is not acceptable. Even system malfunctions that cause loss isn’t their problem. They are allowed to turn it off  when there’s “adverse market conditions” This means they can shut it down whenever you obtain a winning position- because it will adversely affect them. This clause pretty much gives them permission to prevent themselves from suffering any losses at any time. By signing- you agree to allow them to do it.  

I copied the agreement information from page 8 of the 25 page account agreement.

resource links:

https://www.barclaysmarginfx.com/sites/default/files/finder/Barclays-Margin-FX-TsCs-2.pdf http://www.ecnforex.co.uk/barclays-stockbrokers-partners-with-fxcm-launches-barclays-margin-fx/


Oct 1st, 2012  Barclays Stockbrokers Partners with FXCM. Launches Barclays Margin Fx

NYSE Registered, FXCM announced a new partnership with Barclays Stockbrokers to launch a unique retail forex trading offering called Barclays Margin Fx.

The partnership between the two companies is expected to leverage Barclay’s expertise of over 300 years in banking and FXCM’s online retail forex trading expertise to create a world class online forex trading offering for traders, with existing clients of Barclays being able to benefit from this newly formed partnership.

Drew Niv, the CEO of FXCM commented that they were extremely excited about this partnership and that it would create a product superior to any other offering from the competitors in the UK. Under the partnership, Barclays will be using FXCM’s trading technology in order to create a retail forex trading product

. (in the US this means a simulated trading product)

For the moment, Barclays Margin FX is being offered only to the UK markets and the website can be accessed via barclaysmarginfx.com.

Barclays Margin FX offers no dealing desk execution along with a host of other features including:

  • Over 50 currency pairs
  • Customizable trading interface
  • Professional Charting Tools
  • Cutting edge research and analysis
Trading at Barclays Margin FX requires a minimum initial deposit of £2,500 and deposits can be made via Direct Debit Electronic Transfer or debit cards. Average spreads at Barclays Margin FX for a EURUSD is typically between 2.1 – 2.4 Pips.

About FXCM

FXCM Inc. is an NYSE listed company and is a global provider of online forex trading and related services to both retail and institutional customers worldwide.

At the heart of its operations is the FXCM’s “No dealing desk” trading which is beneficial for their clients to participate in a large network of forex liquidity providers in order to offer competitive pricing on major currency pairs. FXCM’s technology offers one click trading, and trading from real time charts.

FXCM’s subsidiary, Forex Capital Markets Ltd in the UK additionally offers CFD’s with no requotes as well as forex, metals and stock indices.

(risk statement within 25 page new account agreement- starting on page 8)

10.3 Risks associated with the Trading Platform

(A) We may offer you real-time tradable prices. Due to delayed transmission, the price we offer may change before we receive an order from you. If we offer you automatic order execution we will be entitled to change the price at which your order is executed. We will not, in any circumstances (except where due to our fraud, negligence or wilful default), be liable to you for any difference between the value quoted via the Trading Platform at the time you place the instruction and the value at the time the instruction is executed.(B) Our target spreads for tradable prices are subject to normal market conditions. However, these will be subject to factors that may cause the spreads to widen according to the prevailing conditions across the various market time zones or available liquidity in those markets. You accept and acknowledge that certain time zone based themes exist driven by the relative number of foreign exchange market participants open for business. As a result the spreads will reflect the availability in a specific time zone, at the time.
(C) You acknowledge that where there is extreme volatility in a market or demand for liquidity increases significantly, we cannot be held responsible and shall not be held responsible if prices become unavailable resulting in us being unable to calculate prices in the relevant FX Trade, though we shall use reasonable endeavours to continue to offer a reasonable tradable price.
(D) While we will make reasonable efforts to provide the Services online through the Trading Platform, we may, without prior notice, (except that where possible and where permitted by Market Rules and Regulatory Requirements reasonable notice may be given), on a permanent or temporary basis, withdraw or suspend any Account facility and/or access to the Trading Platform where:
(1) we reasonably consider it necessary, including, but not limited to, where there are technical problems relating to the Trading Platform, adverse market conditions or an emergency situation or for routine maintenance; or

(2) we consider that any activity (or lack or activity), taken or intended to be taken, in relation to the Account may be in violation of any User Guide and/or Market Rules and/or Regulatory Requirements, including but not limited to legislation on money laundering, insider trading or market abuse; or
(3) emergency or exceptional market conditions exist; or
(4) We are unable to calculate prices in the relevant FX Trade due to the unavailability of the relevant market information or technical failure of the Trading Platform; or
(5) where the Platform Operator suspends or otherwise restricts the operation of the Trading Platform, in which circumstances we may take such additional action as we reasonably consider to be appropriate to address any such concerns. Such actions may include, by way of example: (i) the cancellation of any outstanding trades or the deduction of any cash or securities held by us or our delegates on your behalf that we consider to represent the proceeds or profits of any transaction that has been conducted via the Trading Platform in violation of any User Guide and/or Market Rules and/or Regulatory Requirements; and/or (ii) the close out or suspension of any currently open transactions that we have executed on your behalf.
(E) We shall not be liable for any loss resulting from any of the events described in this clause 10.3 or for any action taken by us as set out in this clause 10.3

.(F) We make no warranties, representations, or guarantees, express or implied, as to the merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or otherwise with respect to the Trading Platform, its content, any documentation or any hardware or software provided in relation to the Trading Platform. Technical difficulties could be encountered in connection with the Trading Platform. These difficulties could involve, among others, failures, delays, malfunction, software erosion or hardware damage, which difficulties could be the result of hardware, software or communication link inadequacies or other causes. Such difficulties could lead to possible economic and/or data loss including, but not limited to, as set out in this clause 10.3.(G) In no event will we be liable for any loss (including loss of profit or revenue whether direct or indirect), cost or damage including, without limitation, consequential, unforeseeable, special or indirect damages or expense which might occur as a result of or arising out of using, accessing, installing, maintaining, modifying, de-activating or attempting to access the Trading Platform or otherwise.

(H) In addition since neither we nor the Platform Operator control signal power, reception or routing via the internet, the configuration of your equipment or reliability of any internet connection, we shall not be liable for any transmission or communication failures, technical errors, distortions or delays when using the Trading Platform or any loss suffered in relation to this.
(I) Various information, news feeds, real time market data may be provided directly from third party providers and displayed on the Trading Platform for information purposes only. We cannot and will not be held liable for the content of such information or losses resulting from you entering a trade based upon such information.
(J) Any exclusion of liability under this clause 10.3 shall not be applicable to the extent that any loss is suffered as a result of our fraud, negligence or wilful default.


Copied from the CFTC website          

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Enforcement Actions



THE FSA is now called the FCA



CLICK HERE:  http://wp.me/p2Gwob-iM


THIS LIST WAS PUBLISHED IN JANUARY 2013 so it doesnt have the firms added this year-

please view my lists of newly added names under “*UK* FCA warning list of unauthorized brokers” category. (I’ll work on compiling the lists for you) 

OR view the lists on the official website

link: http://www.fca.org.uk/news/list?ttypes=warning&yyear=&ssearch= (you must hit the “show more button at bottom of page. It only shows you 5 names at as time and often duplicates names)

newer list links:

feb http://wp.me/p2Gwob-9n_

march thru june (94 new names) http://wp.me/p2Gwob-eX

june/july http://wp.me/p2Gwob-fJ

early of aug https://ihavenoiqscore.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/8192013-fca-unauthorized-firms-added-august-


Go to the homepage

Warning: unauthorized firms and individuals

Firms offering financial services in the UK must be authorised by us. Unfortunately there are firms that operate without our authorisation and some knowingly run scams like share fraud. Search our list of unauthorised firms and individuals to be especially wary of.

You should only deal with a financial services firm that is authorised by us, and check our Register to ensure it is. If a firm does not appear on our Register but claims it does, search for it in the list below and contact our Consumer Helpline.

We add firms to this list as soon as possible but it is not exhaustive. If a firm approaches you and it does not appear in this list, do not assume it is legitimate – these firms frequently change their name and it may not have been reported yet.

You should also beware of fraudsters pretending to be from a firm authorised by us, which we call ‘cloned firms‘. If you are cold-called by a financial services firm always ring them back on the switchboard number given on our Register.

You can take more steps to ensure you are dealing with an authorised firm. You can also find out about share fraud and the latest scams.

Previously the list of unauthorised firms was separated into “unauthorised firms and individuals” and “unauthorised overseas firms operating in the UK”. These lists have now been combined.


03 Fincoop Plc 
18 Moor Park Drive Credit Union
1st Columbus Management

1st Invest Broker (www.fibcorporate.com)
2 Way FX Bergio Financial
360 Financial Limited (Clone of FSA registered firm)
4UFX Forex Brokers (www.4ufx.com)


A & G Insurance Corporation
A3 Union
AA Capital (based in Spain, website www.aacap.net)
Abacus Financial Management (Clone of FSA Authorised firm) 
Abacus Marketing Services
Abarcas Solutions
Abberley Capital (www.abberleycapital.com)
Abbey House Acquisitions
Abbotts Investment Group (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
ABC Finance (www.abcfinance-advisors.com)
ABD World Group (www.abdworldgroup.com and http://www.releasemypensions.com)
ABF Capital Management (www.abfcapitalmarkets.com)
Abel Myers Consulting (www.abelmyers.com)
Aberdeen Langley
Aberdeen Mortgage Management (www.aberdeenmortgage.com)
Abus Services
AC Alternative (www.ac-alternative.com)
Accredited Global Services Group (AGSG) (www.agsg.info)
Ace EU Markets (www.aceeumarkets.com)
Ace Financial (www.ace-fin.com)
Ace Financial Management
ACI Financial Markets Association
Acorn Consulting
Acorn Investments
Acquisitions 21 Pte. Ltd. (www.acquisitions-21.com)
Addlerley Davis (www.adderleydavis.com)
Addison Management Group Asia
ADIBUK Group Corporation, or ADIB-UK (www.adibuk.com)
Advance Futures Limited
Advantage IEC
Advent Capital GmbH (www.advent-capital.com, Clone of UK incorporated firm)
Advice Consultants (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Advice Europe (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Advies Business Invest BVBA
Affiniti Associates Limited
AGFX, also trading as AGFX Pro
AGIFX (www.agifx.com) – also known as AGI Forex and AGI Markets
AGP, http://www.atlanticgamingpartners.com Atlantic Gaming Partners, http://www.atlanticgamingpartners.com
AIFA Global Market (www.aifafx.co.uk; http://www.aifagm.com)
AIFA Golbal Market (www.aifafx.co.uk; http://www.aifagm.com)
Aims Management
Ainsley Consulting SL (now known as Mercier International Group)
AJ Wyman & Associates LLC
Ajay Kumar
Alan Charles King (Clone of FSA Approved Individual)
Alan Woods (woods.alan001@gmail.com)
Alberich Gerhard Securities Wordwide (aka A G Securities)
Albion Investment Management 
Alderman Associates Ltd.
Alderton Consultants (www.alderton-consultants.com)
Alexander Holdings / Alexander Holdings Financial Group
Alexander Rothko Associates
All Settlements Inc.
All Your Options
Allen Brothers M&A
Allendale Development (or Developments) Ltd (www.allendale-ltd.co.uk
Allendale Financial Services Limited 1959 (Abbreviation AFSL)(http://allen-dale-ltd-1959.co.uk )
Allen Hall
Alliance Bond (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Alliance Capital Management
Alliance Credit Insurance
Alliance Financial Services & Assets Management Limited t/a AFA Markets
Alliance Investment Group (www.aig-securities.com)
Alliance Trust Investment Bank PLC
Alliant Holdings I Inc (www.alliantholdingsiinc.com)
Allianz Global Investors (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Allianz Global Investors Fund (www.allianzglobalinvestorsfund.com)
Allianz International Group (www.allianzinternational.com)
Allied Advisory
Allied Financial Trust bank
Allied Lucent
Allied Partners Financial
Alpha Brokers S.R. (www.alphabrokerssr.com) (Clone of previously FSA EEA authorised firm)
Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Alpha Corporate Consultants LTD (www.alphaconsultantsltd.com)
Alpha Financial Solutions 
Alpha Invest
Alpha Oil Inc.
Alpha Securities (currently representing itself as Alpha Finance) 
Alternative Asset Group Limited (AAG)
Alternative Investment Advisors (www.alternativeinvestmentsab.com)
Alternative Investment Club / Altinvestclub / The Alternative Investment Group
Alternatives Research Group (www.alternative-research.net)
ALV Group
Alverton International Consultants
AMBROS GROUP (www.ambrosgroup.com)
Ambro Investment Research
American Diversified Holding Corporation
American Environment Energy Inc.
American Taxation (www.americantaxation.com)
Amethyst Bullion Limited
AMG Capital Partners Ltd
AMG Zurich (also known as Associated Management Group)
Amherst International
AMK Trust Ltd (www.amktrust.com)
Amkel Capital
AMR Business Services LLC (www.amrkpo.com)
Andaman Asset Management
Anderson & Collins
Anderson Fitzpatrick (Switzerland) AG
Anderson Price
Anderson-McCormack Group SL
Anderson Goldstein (www.andersongoldstein.com)
Andreas Braasch (www.andreas-braasch.com)
Andrew Blake (www.rbef-limited.net)
Andrew Clayton Advisors (sometimes known as Andrew Clayton Partners)
Andrew Papadopoulos (Mr)
Andrew Walker Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Andrew Warner Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
ANF Financial
Anglo American Asset Management Ltd
Anglo Irish Associates 
Anglo Swiss Consulting
Anne’s Diary
Anoli Capital International Inc.
Antek Global Consultants Ltd (http://antekglobalconsultants.com)
Anthony & Carter
Anthony Michael Naughton
Anthony O’Donnell
Anthony Williams
AOT Europe (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
AOT Stock Specialist (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
AP Alternatives
Apex Consulting Online
Apex Management Limited
Apex Stock Transfer Inc. (www.apexstinc.com)
Apex Holdings (www.apex-holdings.com)
Appleton Associates (www.appletonassoc.com)
Applied Finance Group (AFG)
Apollo Tiger Fund (www.apollo-tigerfund.com; www.apolloguernsey.com; www.apollofundsguernsey.com)
AR Facility (www.arfacility.com)
Arab-Anglo Finance (www.arab-anglo.com)
ARC Capital Consultants
Arcfin Group
Area Broker Consulting-www.areabrokerconsulting.com
Argentum Caveo
Argus Global Equities
Argus Global Equities Limited 
Ark Consultancy Scotland Limited
Armstrong & Knight
Aros Securities (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Arrow Merger Consultants
ARSU Asset Recovery Solutions (www.arsu.eu)
Arthur Forbes Consulting 
Ascensus International (www.ascensusinternational.com), and Ascensus Direct (www.ascensusdirect.de; wwww.ascensusdirect.com)
Ascot Management Group
ASG Markets-www.asgmarkets.co.uk
Ashby Limited
Ashford Financial Group (www.ashfordfinancialgroup.com)
Ashford Langley – ashford-langley.co.uk
Ashley Partners Mergers & Acquisitions
Ashmore Impendent Financial Advisors a/k/a” Ashmore Financial (www.aifafx.co.uk http://www.ashmorefinancial.co.uk and http://www.ashmorefinancial.com)
Ashmore Investment Group
The Ashton Lewis Group
Ashton Young and Associates
Asian Capital Group (www.asiancapitalgrp.com)
Asian Foreign Securities and Compliance Department
Asprey Associates
Asset Restoration Facility
Asset Trust Management (www.assettm.com)
Assicurazioni Rossi Riccordi Ltd
Associates Financial Advisors
Associated Management Group
Aston Capital (based in Frankfurt)
Aston Midshires Insurance
Aston Rowe Consulting
Astuto Insurance- also known as Astuto Associates and Car Insurance Warehouse
Atlantic Administration
Atlantic Capital Management
Atlantic Capital Trust LLC (www.atlanticct.com)
Atlantic Mutual International Limited (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Atlantis Mutual
Atlanus Limited
Atlas Capital SA, http://www.atlascapitalsa.com
Atlas Consultancy (www.atlasconsultancyltd.com)
Atlas Wealth Management Ltd (www.atlaswealthmgmt.com)
Atol Consultants
Attlee Wurth
Atwood & James SA Inc
Aurum Astrum AG
Avalon Consultants Ltd (www.avalon-consultants.com)
Avery Kingston Capital
AVI Trading & Corporate Transfer Service (www.avitrading.com)
Aviva Capital
AW Advisory
AW Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)(www.awalkerassociates.com) 
AW Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)(www.aw-associates.co.uk, www.awarnerassociates.com)
A Walker Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
A.Warner Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Axa Rosenberg Investment Management Ltd (www.rosenberginvestmentmanagement.com, www.axarosenberginvestmentmanagement.com) 
Axiom International
Axis Corporate Finance (www.axiscf.com)
A-Y Universal
AZ Markets (www.az-markets.com)

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B & T Brokers (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firms)
B A Gelman
B Cooke Ltd also trading as Couture Consulting Group Ltd (www.bcookeltd.co.uk, http://www.coutureconsultinggroup.com)
B Gold International LLC
Bachmann Roth Advisory
Baecker Dresner Saltzmann
Baker & Bains (www.clickstocktransfer.com)
Bailey and Bennet Mergers and Acquisitions
Banco de Nueva York Mellon Ltd
Bank Monarch Ltd (www.bankmonarch.com)
The Bank Street Securities
Bankhurst Securities (www.bankhurst.co.uk)
Banque Internationale Ltd
Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Barclay Hoffman
Barclay Trust International (www.barc-trust.com)
Baros and Ronaldo Associates
Barrett and Packer
Barrett Associates 
Barringer & Co.
Barrington Group (http://barringtonconsultancy.com)
Barringtons Asset Management Limited
Barrington Securities
Basic Investments Ltd
Bauer & Weiss Associates
Bauer Associates
Bauer Weiss
Bayer Investments
Bayliss Clarke Limited
Bayside Equity Group
Bayshore Nominees Ltd
BB & E Consultants LLC
BBA Capita Capital Management LLP
Beacon Pointe Securities (www.beaconpointesecurities.com and http://www.research.beaconpointesecurities.com)
The Bean Group (UK) Ltd (trading as Bean Wealth)
Bearing Management
Beaumont, Greene & Partners (www.beaumontgreene.com)
Becker Chapman Asset Management
Becker Finch & Waldman
Becton Securities GmBH (www.bectonsecurities.com)
Beijing International Finance Group
Beijing Securities
Belgium Financial Group
Bell International Asset Management
Bellshill Insurance Services Limited (aka Bellshill Financial Services Limited)
Bellview Financial (www.bellviewfinancial.com)
Belmont Shaw and Associates
Belgrave Capital Management (www.belcapital.com) 
Belverdere Capital Partners (belverderecapitalpartners.com)
Bench Group (The) aka Bench Group Options
BenjaminFisher SL
Benjamin Tate Associates
Benson Hill Advisors (www.bensonhilladvisors.com)
Bentall Kennedy
Berkeley Capital Finance/Berkeley Finance Group (www.berkeleycapitalfinance.com/ http://www.berkeleycapitalfinance.net)
Berkeley Connect
Berkeley Financial Limited
Berkeley Hedge
Berkley Murray Securities
Berkley Wyatt Limited, S.L.
Berkovic Consultants
Berkshire Mayer Associates (www.berkshire-ma.com)
Berkshire Tax Consultants
Bernard Brown
Bernburg Investment Bankers Limited
Berresfords Motor Insurance
Berrington fund management (www.berringtonmanagement.co.uk)
Berrington Stone
Berrscott, Elliott & Associates (www.berrscottelliott.com)
Best Select Finanz (www.bestselectfinanz.com)
BI Asset Management (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised Firm)
BIB -British Insurance – Brokers (www.bibinsurance.weebly.com)
Big Time Global Services Limited
Bingham Consulting Group http://www.binghamconsultinggroup.com
Bio Gas Generation, http://www.biogasgeneration.com
Birchfield Consultants
The Birchmore Group
Biscayne International Corporation
Biscayne Planning Center (biscayneplanning.com)
Bishop & Parkes Advisory 
Bishop Wagner & Shaw
Black & White Investments
Black Diamond Equity Group
Black River Asset Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Black Rose Financial (www.blackrosefinancial.com)
Black Swan Wealth Management (www.blackswanwm.com)
Blackbird Leys Credit Union (www.blackbird-leys.com)
Blackbird Leys Credit Union Ltd (www.blackbirdleys-cu.com)
Blackmore Stanley
Blacksea Investment Ltd
Blackstone (www.bskinternational.com)
Blackstone International Finance – (www.blackstoneinternationalf.com)
Blackstone Royalty Corporation (www.blackstone-royalty.com
Blackstone Securities Ltd
Blackwell Advisory
Blackwell Capital
Blake Capital Partners (www.blakecapitalpartners.com)
Blakemore 66 Group
Blanc and Baumar
Blanka Nova (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Bloomfield Trust Management (www.bloomfieldtm.com)
Blossom Hill Investments
BlueCrest Beacon Fund
BlueCrest Capital Management (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
BlueCrest New Investment Capital Hedge Fund (NewCap)
BlueCrest Wealth (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
Blue Crown Asset Management, http://www.bluecrownassetmanagement.com
Blue Delta Asset Management
Blue Nile Consulting
Blue Ridge Capital Partners (www.blueridgeadvisory.com)
Blue Ridge Financial Group (www.blueridgefinancialgroup.com)
Blue Source Strategies
Blue Sky Management (www.blue-sky-management.com)
Bluegate Commodity Ventures- http://www.bluegateventures.com
Bluehill Capital Venture
Bluestar Management
Bluestone Investment Strategies
Blundell Oliver
Boilercover (www.boilerbreakdowncover.uk.com)
Bolero BPO LLC (www.bolerobpo.com)
Bollinger Finance (www.bollinfinance.co.uk)
Bond and Prince
Bond Asset Management (www.bondassetmanagement.com)
Bornwell Group Company/ Bornwell Group Limited
Boska Settlement Corporation
Boulton Capital Partners
Boulton Price International
Bounty SCA (UK) Limited
Boyd & Landis M&A
Bowalls Services
Bower Best Consultants, http://www.bowerbestconsultants.com
Brachmann Finkley
Brachmann Inter Dealer Services (www.brachmann-ids.com)
The Bradford Group (http://www.bradford-grp.com)
Bradford Securities LLC
Bradley Chen & Associates
Bradley Hill Holdings
Bradstone Healy & Pratt
Bramwell & Kent Consultants LLC (www.bramwellkent.com)
The Brantons Group
Braun & Bridgewater Corporation (aka BBGC Corporation)
Breakthrough Venture Partners
Brecon Global
Breeze Finance Ltd, t/a Green Group Investments (www.greengroupinvestments.co.uk)
BreezeFX Affiliates (www.breezefxaffiliates.com)
Bremer Financial Limited
Brenner and Associates (www.brennerconsultancy.com) 
Brentwood Capital Ventures (www.BrentwoodCapitalVentures.com)
Brentwood Hall
Brentwood Trust Company
Breslan Allied Limited
Bridgemead Advisors Limited
Bridgestone Global Partners
Bridgestone Trading
BridgeWay Corporate Management (www.bridgewaycm.com)
Bridgeway Group International
Bridport Advisory (www.bridportadvisory.com)
Bright Bridge Wealth Management Inc
Bright Futures
Britannia Swiss Equities
Britannia Wealth
BRM International (www.brm-international.com)
Broadgate Metals
Broadgate Research
Broche Capital Advisors (www.brochecapitaladvisors.com)
Bronx Finance Company Plc
Brookes & Associates (www.brookes-associates.com)
Brookfield Partners
Brooks & Fairbrother
Brooks & Smith
Brooks and Hawthorne Consulting Ltd (www.brooks-hawthorne.com)
Broompark Investments Ltd (www.b-pll.com)
Brown Brothers Harriman (NOT the authorised firm Brown Brothers Harriman)
Brown and Wenger Consultancy Firm (www.brownwengerconsult.com)
Browne Mackenzie
Brunel Asset Management– (www.brunelassetmanagement.com)
Brunswick Knight
Bryant Shaw LLC (www.bryantshaw.com)
Bull & Bear Advisory
Bull Investment Advisors also trading as Bull Invest (www.bull-invest.com, Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Burlington Corporate Management (www.burlington-corp.com)
Burlington Ltd
Bursanet (a.k.a. Bursatil Clearing Corporation)
Bursatil Bank Group Limited
Bursatil Financial
Burton Reed
Business Insurance Solutions Limited
Butler Investments (www.butler-inv.com, www.butler-investments.com, www.butler-investmentmanagers.com)
Butterfield Advisors (based in New York) (butterfieldadvisors.com)

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C&P Mutual
Cadden International Ltd. (www.caddenintl.com)
Cadogan United Securities

Cadman Mergers and Acquisition (www.cadmanmergersandacquisition.com)
Caixa Bancaja (http://caixa-bancaja.com)
Calderton Capital Partners
Calvin & Sanderson Associates (www.calvinandsanderson.com)
Cambridge Equity Corporation (www.cambridgeequitycorp.com)
Cambridge Financial Partners LLC, http://www.cfinpartners.com
Cambridge Global Inc
Cameron McDonald & Co
Cameron Poe & Associates (www.cameronpoe.com)
Campbell & Stewart Advisory Firm (www.campbellstewartadvisory.com)
Campbell Martin Limited t/a Imagine Mortgages
Campbell Merger Solutions (www.campbellmerger.com)
Campus Investments PLC
Cantata Equity Management, LLC (www.cantataem.com)
Cantor Index / Cantor UK (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Cantwell International
Capgemini US (www.capgeminilaw.com)
Capital Advisory Partners (capnyc.net)
Capital Asset Management
Capital Concept Investment
Capital Edge Group (www.capitaledgegroup.net)
Capital Finance
Capital Gain Investments
Capitol Hill Group
Capital Intel Group (www.capitalintelgroup.com)
Capital Invest Trading (CIT) (www.citrading.net) 
Capital Investment Group
Capital Management and Investments Ltd
Capital One Management Inc
Capital Shipping
Capital Standard Corporation
Capital Swiss Partners
Capital Venture
Capital Wealth Fund (capitalwealthfund.com)
Capital Wealth Management (www.capital-wm.co.uk) 
Capitalinform Limited SA
Capitol Acquisition Management Inc. (www.capitolami.com / http://www.capami.com)
Capstone Capital Markets, www.ccmarkets.net
Capstone Financial Group UK (www.capstonefinancialuk.com)
Car Hire & Cheap Car Insurance for 17+
Car Insurance Warehouse – also known as Astuto Associates and Astuto Insurance
Carbon Advisory Council (www.carbonadvisorycouncil.com)
Carbon Credit Active Limited (www.carboncreditactive.com / www.carboncreditactive.co.uk)
Carbon Credit Emissions Limited
Carbon Credit International (www.carboncreditint.com)
Carbon Credit Solutions
Carbon Credit Specialists LLC (www.carboncreditspecialists.com)
The Carbon Exchange Inc
Carbon Green Solutions
Carbon Soulutions
Carbonvest Limited
Carlton Birtal Advisory Services SL
Carlisle Capital Group
Carlson Group Consultancy (www.carlsonconsultancy.com)
Carlton Capital Inc (www.carltoncapitalinc.com)
Carlton First Capital Group Ltd
Carlton Global Management
Carlton Webber
Carrington Noble (www.carringtonnoble.com)
Carter James SL
Carter Sinclair
Cartwright Investment Group (www.cartwrightinvestmentgroup.com)
Cashforpensions.com/ CP Pension Services
Cash In Your Pension
Cash My Pension (www.cashmypension.co.uk)
Castle Rock Corporate Finance (www.castlerock-cf.com)
Castlemire Limited
Cathay Asset Management
CD Equities
CDC Securities Limited
CDH Insurance and Finance Consultants
CDV Investments (www.cdvinvests.com)
Cedar Rock Investments Plc
Center Finance Management
Centex Resources – http://www.centexresources.com
Central and Eastern European Markets Asset Management http://www.ceemam.com (firm falsely claims to be regulated by the FSA)
Centurian Protection LLC
Certified Financial Consultants Inc
Chadwick Seymour & Associates
Chamberlain and Co.
Chamberlin Management Inc
Chapman Butler LLC
Chapman Fisher a/k/a Chapman Fischer (www.chapmanfischer.com)
Chapman Foster Group SL
Chapman Mediation Group, Inc.
Charinton Group GmbH (The)
Charles Drake Associates
Charles Hirsch Capital Management, Inc.
Charles Pearson Investments International (www.cpearsoninvi.com)
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwartz International (www.charlesschartzinternational.com)
Charles Stanley Associates
Charles Wurth Associates
Charlton Hayfield & Co
Chartered Investments
Charterhouse International Inc./ Kensington Price Consulting
Chartwell Financial Services
Chase Global Securities
CheapCarInsurance Brokers (Clone of FSA registered firm)
Chelsea Asset Management (www.chelseaassetmgmt.com)
Chelsea Management Group Inc
Chelsy Fund, S.A.
Chester Credit Union (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Chesterfield Credit and Trust
Chesterfield Credit Union
Chesterfield Financial Associates
Chesterfield Ltd (www.chesterfield-ltd.com)
Chesterfield Partners
Cheval Bridging Finance Ltd Markets (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Chevron Private Investment Limited
Chicago Board of Acquisitions Inc
Chilton reese & Associates
China Mergers Group (www.prcholdingsgroup.com)
Chimera Management, www.chimera-management.com
Chris Ellis-Keeler (Clone of FSA approved individual)
Christian Lavigne (Tel: 020 3608 0614)
Christopher Corbett-Evans
Christopher Gregory Williams
Churchill Advisory- http://www.churchilladvisory.com
Churchill Brewin Associates
Churchill Capital also trading as Churchill International (www.churchillinternational.co.cc)
Churchill Investments Plc
Churchill Management
Churchill Strauss
CIBC Bancorp Ltd
CIC Insurance Company AVV
CIC Insurance Company SA
CISA SL Corporate Investment Services
Citadel Group International (Clone of FSA Authorised firms)
Citi Capital Partnership (www.citicapitalpartnership.com)
Citicap Equity Consultants S.L
Citilife Financial (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Citywide Associates (www.citywideassociates.com)
CK Investments
CL Investing
Clarington Group (The)
Clarity Market Resources
Clarkson Gordon Ltd
Claybourne Group (www.claybournegroup.com)
Claymore Capital (www.claymorecapital.com)
Clayton & Phelps (www.claytonandphelps.com)
The Clayton Group (www.theclaytongrp.com)
Clayton Pressman Ivy International (www.cpi-i.com)
Clean Coal Technologies
Clean Planet Investments
Clifton Financial Services
Clinton King
Clinton Parker Inc.
Close Capital Investments (www.close-capital.com)
CLS Consultancy
CO2-Tech Ltd.
Cobalt Finance Group- http://www.cobaltfinancegroup.com
Cohen & Partners
Cohen Dressner
Cohen Edwards Asset Management
Cohen Green Advisory
The Cohen Group, http://www.the-cohen-group.com
Cohen Hayward International
Colby Mergers
Coleman Brothers
Coleman Kleinfield & Associates
Collett Quinlan M&A
Collins and Bell
Collins & Bone Partnership
Collins Capital Management 
Collins Tate & Murchison
Collway Investments and Funds – http://www.collway.co.uk
Colonial Square Acquisition LLC, http://www.csaacquisition.com
Colony Capital Associates
Columbia Direct Corp (www.columbiadirectcorp.com)
Columbus Advisory
Commodore Asset
Compact Insurance Services Ltd (www.compactinsurance.co.uk)
Companies West
Compass Financial Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Condor Research
Connors Thompson Reed (Clone of previously FSA registered firm)
Conquest Mergers
Consolidated Credit Bank Ltd. (Clone of FSA authorised firm) (www.consolidatedcrdtb.com)
Continental Administrative Services
Continental Offshore finance Ltd
Continental Partners Trust Limited (a.k.a Continental Trust Consultancy)
Cook Capital Partners
CoolPass Inc
Cooper Company Management (www.coopercompanymanagement.com)
Cooper and Daniels Company- http://www.cooperdaniels.com
Cooper & Finley (www.cooperfinley.com)
Coopers & Lybrand Law
Cornerstone Partners
Cornhill Management SL
Cornish, Willoughby & Associates
Corporate One Asset Management (www.corporateoneassetmgmt.com)
Corporate Financial Trading Solutions and Investments (London) Limited t/a CFS
Corum Financial Group
Cotswold Funeral Service
Courtiers Investment Services Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Courtney Brown Group (www.thecourtneybrowngroup.com)
Coutts Investment Group
Couture Consulting Group Ltd also trading as B Cooke Ltd (www.bcookeltd.co.uk, http://www.coutureconsultinggroup.com)
CP Hodgson Limited / CLL Trading (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
CP Pension Services/ Cashforpensions.com
CPI International (www.cpiint.com)
Crandale Group
Crane and Sterling
Crawford & Knight (www.crawfordknight.com)
Crawford Capital Partners (www.crawfordcapitalpartners.com)
Crazy Diamond
Credit General Group
Crest Asset Management
Creston & Childs
Crestwell Analysis
Crickmore & Lutz
Cristos Investments SA (www.cristosinvestments.com)
Cromwell and Goodwin (www.cromwellgoodwin.com)
Cromwell & Pierce International
Crosby Capital Partners
Crossley Acquisitions (www.crossleyacquisitions.com)
Crown Fidelity
The Crown Group
Crown ING Group
Crown Lancaster Equities
Crown Point Mergers & Acquisitions Limited
Crystalix London Ltd
CT Carbon Ltd
CT Lambson and Associates
Cube Insurance Limited/ Cube Ins Limited
Curzon Peters
Cushman Corporation
Cyrrus Capital
Cyrrus Capital Ventures
Cyrus Rushwood & Associates

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Daine Financial Trust Management, http://www.dainefinancialtm.com
Damak Group
Dant and Company LLC
Darier Asset Management
Darwin Investments
Dauphin Asset Europe
Davenport & Co.
David Bone
Davidson Capital Partners (http://davidsonconsultancy.com)
Dawson James Securities
Dayo Olubodun (individual’s name)
De Vere Private Equity (www.dvpe.co.uk)
Declan and Ross (www.declanandross.com)
Delmont Wealth Management
Delta Group, LLC
Delta Liaising
Delta Trade Financial Group
Dempster, Hampton & Duke
Derek Harry Taylor
Deutsche Bank AG (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Devere and Partners Ltd (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Devere Proprietary Broking Limited
Devere Proprietary Trading Limited
DFB Fast Property Sale (www.dfbfastpropertysale.co.uk)
DFB Housing Solutions (www.dfbhousingsolutions.com)
DG Schilling
Dial a Rod Homecover Limited (www.dialarod.tv)
Diamond Asset Management
Diamond Financial Services
Direct Brokers Invest / DB Invest (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Direct Brokers Investments / DB Invest (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Direct Healthcare
Direct Legal Protection Limited
Direct Settlements pte Limited
Distressed Acquisitions Commission (www.distressedac.com)
Diverse Capital Consultants Limited
Diverse Swiss Limited
Diversified Reclaim Services
Diversified Portfolio Management Invest/DPM Invest (www.dpminvest.com)
Dolan Corporate Equity Solutions Inc.
Dolphin and Bradbury
Donavan & Yung Partners
Douglas & Gardner
Douglas Ellis Inc
Douglas St James
Dragon International
Dragon Partners Inc
Drake and Childs Global Transfers
Drake Investment Group
Drake Merger Management (www.drakemerger.com)
Draven Mier Associates
Drexel-Bearns Consulting Group (http://drexelbearns.com, http://www.computeratwork.com/drexelbearns)
Drexel Lambert Mergers and Acquisitions
Dreyfus Corp
DSF Management Financial Planning LTD
Dufresne and Andy
Dunbar Mackenzie
Dunhill Capital
Dunleavy Investment Ltd
Durdan Heyer Ltd (www.durdanheyer.com)
Dynamic Wealth Management-www.dynamicwmanagement.com
Dyno Medical Limited

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E1 Asset Management
Eagle Advisors (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Eagle Star International Services Ltd (www.eaglestar-international.eu)
Earnshaw Advisory Services
East Fund Management (www.ef-management.co.uk) (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Eastman Pierce Partners Mergers and Acquisitions (www.eastmanpierce.com)
Easton Consultancy (www.eastonconsultancy.com)
Easton Corporate Finance (www.eastoncorporate.com)
Easy Finance 4 U/ easyfinance4u.com
Easy Lettings and Mortgages
Easy Sale Limited
ECN Brokers LLC t/a ECN Brokers Direct (www.ecnbrokers.com)
Edenbourg Advisory Services
Edenstone Consulting (www.edenstoneconsulting.com)
Edgelake Mergers & Acquisitions
Edward Jones Group (www.edwardjonesgroup.com)
Edward Murphy t/a Total Finance (UK) Ltd
Edward Tate
Edward William Marine Services (www.edwardwilliam.com)
EFD Financial Group
EFG Trading Limited
Eldridge Financial
Elite Bank Group
Elite EEA (www.elite-eea.com)
Elite Financial Marketing Limited (www.elitefinancialmarketing.co.uk)
Elite Independent Financial Advisers (www.elite-ifa.co.uk)
Elite Warranty Ltd
Elkin & Associates LLC (www.elkinllc.com)
Elliott and Laurence Consultancy Group (http://elliottlaurenceconsult.com)
Elliot Price & Associates
Elliott & Partners Advisory (HK) Limited
Ellis Capital Management
ELM Asset Management Inc Ltd/ELM Forex and Mr Lin Yanguang
Emerging Equity Group
Emerson Grant Asset Management
Emerton Financial Services
Empire Compliance
Empire Financial Group
Empire Investments (based in Luxembourg)
Energy and Equity Research Group- http://www.eneqgroup.com
Energy Capital Partners
Energy Development Global Limited- http://www.energydevelopmentglobal.com
Energy Group International (www.energygroupinternational.biz)
England Foriegn Exchange (www.efxco.com)
Enterprise Analytics Inc
Enterprise Capital Investors Ltd
Epicon Financial (www.epiconfinancial.com)
Equities Europe (www.equities-europe.com)
Equity Connections LLC
Equity Income & Finance Ltd
The Equity Institution (www.theequityinstitution.com)
Equity Management Consultants International (EMC International)
Equity Offset
Equity Research Group
Equity Transfer Management
Ernest Goodman
Ernest Weiss Securities (www.ernest-weiss.com)
ERP & Associates
Escrow Advisory Group
Escrow Advisory Limited
ESIP Finance – www.esipfinance.com (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
ESPA Financial (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Esquela Investments Ltd
Eurasia Wealth Services (www.ews-group.com)
Eurasian Mergers & Acquisitions / Eurasian M&A (www.eurasianma.com)
Euro Advisory
Euro American (www.euroamericanonline.com) (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
EuroConsult International Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Euro Courtage Financial (euro-courtage-financial.com)
Eurolink Equities
Eurolink Equities (www.eurolinkequities.org)
Eurolite Global Ltd
Euromax Capital (www.euromaxcap.com)
Europa Asset Management
Europa Capital Group (europa-capital-group.com)
Europa Capital Management
Europa Commodities/Europa Capital LLC
Europa Equity Services
Europa Financial Group
Europe Trade (UK) Ltd
European Brokers Associated (www.european-brokers-associated.com)
European Capital Partners
European Equity Management
European Finance & Securities Company (aka European FIC, EFIC) (www.europeanfic.com)
European Financial Service (http://europeanfinancialservice.co.uk)
European Investment Group
European Offshore Trading Company (UK)
European United Brokers (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
European Value Partner Advisors (EVPA) (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Euroswiss Settlements Limited
Eurotrust Advisors, http://www.eurotrustadvisors.com
Eurotrust Capital Management
EV Business Limited 
Everbrighter Financial Limited
Everest Leasing Company Ltd
Evergreen Equity
Evo Investment Advisors LLP/ Evo Investment Professionals, www.evo-investing.com
Evolution Securities (www.evolutionsec.co.uk)
EvryMoney Limited
EVV Group (www.evvgroup.com)
EWS Group (www.ews-group.com)
Excel Brokers Ltd (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Excess Protection Limited t/a Car Hire Insurance 4U (www.carhireinsurance4u.com)
Executive Group
Exeltrade (www.exeltrade.com )
ExTrader (Exxtrader.com)
EYTC Limited (fx-interest.com)

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Fairchild Holdings and Advisory Firm
Fairchild Pierce
Fairchild Roth Financial Inc
Falcon Finanz
Falcon Oil Group, http://www.falconoilgroup
Fallon Brooks (www.fallon-brooks.com)
Falon Group Ltd
Fare Inc
Fares Insurance Company Services Limited
FASD International Limited 
Fast Cash Loans UK
Fast Corporate Solutions Ltd
Faxtor Securities (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
FCV Broker (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised Firm)
Federal Equities Corp / Federal Equities Corporation
Fernvale Associates
Ferrell and Associates (www.ferrellandassociatesltd.com)
FHM Associates/Fuller Hathaway Moy Associates (www.fhmassociates.com)
Fidelity Capital Research
Fidelity International
Fiduciary International Services
Fielding Clifford
Final Hurdle Ltd (www.final-hurdle.com)
Finance Choices Ltd (www.finance-choices.com) – forex and futures trading
Finance Continental Corporation
Finance Continental Inc
Finance International UK
Finance Your Dream Limited
Financial Affairs Corporation (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Financial Capital Management LLP (FCM)
Financial Consulting UK Limited
Financial Investment Solutions
Financial Market Alliance
Financial Media Group
Financial Services Solutions PLC
Financial Trading
Financial Trading Commission (www.fintco.org)
Finanzas Forex
Finata Financial Solutions
Finbrands Global Limited
First Allianze Limited, FA Markets (www.famarkets.com)
First Allied Capital (www.firstalliedcapital.com)
First Call Commodities
First Call Connect
First Chartered Capital Corp / First Colonial Trust
First Choice Investment Ltd
First Colonial Management
First Commodities Limited (incorporated in British Virgin Islands)  
First Euro Alliance a/k/a “Euro Alliance”
First Eurozone
First Financial Management
First Financial Planning Corp
First Geneva Wealth Management (www.firstgeneva.biz)
First Global UK
First Inc Limited (www.firstincltd.com)
First Information (www.thefinancialtrader.net, www.fintrader.net, www.tradeonmarkets1.com/makemoneyfinancialspreadbetting/)
First Initial Asset Management (www.firstinitialassetmanagement.com)
First International Equity & Acquisitions Inc
First Investment International Funds Plc (www.firstinvestmentif.com)
First Mutual Financial Group
First Prime Group
First Private Clients Ltd (www.firstprivateclients.com) (clone of formerly FSA registered firm)
First Shield LLC a/k/a First Sheild (www.firstshieldllc.com)
First Standard Investment
First Standard Management (www.firststandardmanagement.com; http://www.first-standard.net)
First Swiss (www.first-swiss.com)
First Trade Direct (1sttradedirect.com)
First Trade Europe (clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
First Williston Group/Corporation
Fischer & Schultz Independant Financial Advisors(http://fischerandschultz.webs.com)
Fisher Capital Management (www.fishercapitalmanagement.com)
Fisher, Levinson, Law & Associates
Fleetwood Associates
Flemming Advisory
Focus AIM
Folkoe 1st Trade (www.1sttradedirect.com)
Forbes First Financial Corporation
Foreign Exchange Clearing House (FXCH) (forex-swiss.com)
Forensic Review
Forex Portfolios Management Limited (www.forexportfolios.com)
Forexage Corporation
Forexyard Limited/Fxyard Limited
Forst Finance
Fortitude Asset Consultants – http://www.fortitudeassetconsultants.com
Fortress Investment Group (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Fortune Investments and Savings
Fortura Limited
Fox World Market
Frandistrans Group (www.frandistrans-group.co.uk)
Frankfurt Capital Group (www.frankfurtcg.com)
Franklin Asset Management (aka Jefferson Management)
Franklin York
Fraser Hunt Levine
Frazer Kennedy
Frazer White Group
Frazier Kennedy
Freeberg Finance
Freeman International
Fridman, Koch and Saul (aka Cambridge Global and Amhers International)
Friedman Schnaier & Associates
Fritz Financial Service
Frontier Investment LLP (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
FSG Blackstone
FSG Composites Group Ltd (www.fsgcomposites.com)
Fund Advisers Europe – www.faeurope.com (clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Fund Logic (Clone of EEA Authorised firm)
Fusion Financial Marketing (www.fusionfinancialmarketing.com)
Future Trade Limited (operating on the website, http://www.future-trade.co.uk)
Fu Yee To Capital Group Limited 
FX Global Markets
FX Newton Financial Group, FX Newton Trading (www.fx-newton.com)

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G & R Capital Management
Gallery Management Holding Corporation
Gap Associates
GAP International Services
Garant Financial Consultants Ltd
Garant Partners
Garrard Associates
Garrett Hopkins Associates (www.garretthopkins.com)
Gatemore Capital Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Gatemore Securities
Gatemoor Securities Inc
Gateway International
GB Global Mining AG (www.gbglobalminingag.com)
GCI Investments
GCI International- http://www.gci-international.com
Geller Associates
Gemini Mergers and Acquisitions
Geminus Partners (www.geminuspartners.com)
General Investment Trading Limited
Genesis Transfer Group
Geneva-Commodities AG
Geneva International Finance Group (UK) Ltd
Genius Capital Limited
Gerrard Investment Management (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Get Private Insurance.com (www.getprivateinsurance.com)
GEVAB Europe (www.gevab-europe.com)
GFM Markets/ Global Financial Markets
GHL NETWORKS (although it should be noted it has no connection with GHL Network Services Limited, which is an Appointed Representative)
GICE Securities
GIGA Invest (Clone of previously FSA EEA authorised firm)
Giles and Hochman Consulting (www.gileshochmanconsulting.com)
GKFX Group (UK) Limited
Glenn Stephen Edwards (glenn.s.edwards@googlemail.com) 
Glencore International Plc
Glo Trade UK Ltd
Global Administrative Providers Inc
Global Advisory Group
Global Analytical Solutions
Global Asset Management (www.gamanagement.co.uk) (Clone of FSA authorised firm) 
Global Broker www.global-broker.net (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Global Capital Equities
Global Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions / Global Capital Group
Global Clearing Services
Global Climate Agency
Global Direct Equities LLC (Clone of US broker dealer)
Global Discretionary Investment Funds/www.gdif.net
Global Equities Capital Markets (Clone of FSA EEA authorised/authorised firms, www.ge-capitalmarkets.com)
Global Equities Partnership
Global Equity Management
Global Equity Partners/GE Partners
Global Financial Management
Global Financial Product (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Globalbanc Financial Services Limited (www.globalbancgroup.com)
Global Growth Acquisition
Global International Trading
Global Investment Advisors
Global Investment Consultants
Global Investment Group (www.global-ig.com)
Global Investment Management (UK) Limited
Global Investment Partners – www.globalinvestmentpartners.net (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Global Investments Ltd
Global Link Mergers and Acquisitions
Global Managers Investment Company/www.gmicompany.co.uk
Global Market Consultants
Global Merchant Services
Global Micro Finance
Global Network Fiduciary LLC
Global One International (www.globaloneint.com)
Global Quest Emerging Fund LP
Global Stox
Global Trading Center
Global Ventures Capital Partners
Global Wealth Management (Clone of FSA Authorised firm and Appointed Representative)
Global Wealth Management (Clone of UK incorporated firm)
Global Wealth Partners PLC
Global World Acquisitions (www.globalworldacquisitions.com)
Globalbanc Financial Services Limited (www.globalbancgroup.com)
Globe Trade Services
Globex Partners (www.globex-partners.com)
Globus Trust Limited
G.K.S.J. Financial Services
GMA Advisory Services Inc.
GMC Europe (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised Firm)
GMM Equity Holding (www.gmmequityholding.com)
G.M.M. Equity Holding LLC (www.gmmequityholding.com) 
GMM Group plc
GNB Investments Finance LLC
Godwynn International
Gold Asset Managers (www.goldassetmanagers.com)
Gold Bridge Capital Inc.
Goldberger & Decadenet (www.goldberger-decadenet.com)
Goldberg Kravitz (now known as Union Partners SL)
Goldburn Management
Golden Equity Solutions
Golden Wealth Group
Goldfield Consultants
Goldman and Lyle Consulting Group-(www.goldmanandlyleconsulting.com)
Goldman and Ross
Goldman Crown Property Consultants Limited
Goldman Phillips (www.goldmanphillips.com)
Goldman Sachs International (Clone of FSA authorised firms)
Goodman Management Associates
Goodman Stern
Goodwin Capital Management (Based in Korea)
Goodwin William Inc, goodwinwilliam.com
Mr Preethy Biju Gopinath
Gordon Group Services (www.gordongroupservices.com)
Gordon Marks Capital
Gordon, Tait & Co. LLC (www.gordontait.com)
Gotthard Capital Partners
GP Markets Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firms)
GPG England (www.gpgengland.com)
Graham Barry Palmer
Grand Capital Limited
Grandby Trading Investment Corporation
Grayson House AG
Graystone Developments/ Graystone UK Limited
Great Britain Martial Arts Association (aka GBMAA)
Great Eastern Securities Inc.
Green Brook International
Green Carbon Direct Limited (www.greencarbondirect.net)
Green Carbon Solutions Limited
Green Care Investments
Green Choice Limited
Green Choice Standard
Green Investment Services (www.greeninvestmentservices.com)
Green Machine
Green Tree Financial Advisors Inc (www.greentree-financial-advisors.us)
Green World Solutions Ltd.
Greener Earth Group (GE Group)
Greenfield and Associates (www.greenfieldconsultancy.com)
Greengate Advisors (www.greengateadvisors.com, http://www.greengate-advisors.com)
Greenhill Research Partners
Greenway Consultancy (www.greenwayconsultancygrp.com)
Greenwich Equities Consulting
Greenwich Trust Ltd
Greenwood Capital Advisors (www.greenwoodcapitaladvisors.com)
Grenfell and Blackrock Associates (www.grenfellassociates.com)
Gresham Associates
Greyson Consulting Group (www.greysonconsultinggroup.com)
Greyson Management
Growth Management Capital
Gruenberg Partners (www.gruenbergpartners.com)
GS Anguilla
GS Asset Management
GS Equity Group (trading name of Hodgson Brown Ltd)
GS Global Asset Management LLC- http://www.gsgamgt.com
GS Holdings International
GTS Provident Corporation Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Guardian Asset Management
Guardian International Limited (www.guardian-inter.com) and (www.guardian-ima.com)
Guardian Partners LLC
Guardian Securities – www.guardian-securities.com, www.guardian-sec.com (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm) 
Guardian Worldwide
Gulf Building Society
Gulf Pacific Asset Management Limited
Gulfway Investments Limited (www.gulfway-invest.co.uk)
Gulfway Management (www.gulfwaymanagement.com)
Gun Allen Financial Corp

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H&H Financial Services
Hachiro Mergers & Acquisitions
Hadley’s Private Advisory
Halsbury Finance Limited
Hamlinton & Goldberg IA
Hamilton and Pricehouse Consultancy
Hamilton Asset Management (based in Spain)
Hamilton Associates
Hamilton Davis Corporation
Hamilton Hastings & Associates
Hamilton House International (www.hamiltonhouseint.com)
Hamilton Pierce
Hampton Capital Management
Hampton Lloyd
Hampton Reed London Limited (hamptonreedlondon.co.uk)
Hamiltons Financial Services SL
Hammerson Equity Group 
Hammond Global Solutions LLC(www.hammondglobal.com)
Handel Ross Advisory
Handle and Case
Hang Seng Bank (Cloning details of bank)
Hang Seng Financial, http://www.hangsengfinancial.com
Hannover & Rothchild Consultancy (www.hannoverandrothchildconsultancy.com)
Hannover Markka Capital
Hanover Holdings
Hanover Sterling
Hanson Cooper
Harbert European Fund Advisors 
Hardcastle Trading (Clone of FINMA authorised firm) 
Hardwicke Advisory (www.hardwickeadvisory.com)
Hargill & Black Associates
Hargreaves Brennan
Hariri Capital
Harley Richard Financial Consultants (aka Harley Richard Group, aka Harley Richard Financial Consultants Europe)
Harman Stockwell and Partners
Harmony Ventures (www.rdlynchtrader.com)
Harold Samuel Worldwide Services
Harper Mills and Paige Inc
Harper Read / Harper Reed / Harvey Read
Harrington Advisory Services/Harrington Advisory,SL
Harrington Kilbride
Harrington Lloyd
Harrington Management Ltd
Harris James Associates (www.harrisjamesassociates.com)
Harris Trust Private Wealth Management (www.harris-trust.com)
Harrision Research (AG) (www.harrisonag.com)
Harrison Gibb
Harrison-Stoltz & Associates (www.harrison-stoltz.com)
Harrop, Lees, Brown & Co
Hartford Brookes 
Hartford Management Group
Hartmann & Partners (www.hartmannpartners.com)
Harvard Alliance (www.harvardalliance.eu)
Harvey and Baxter Asset Management (also known as Harvey Baxter Asset Management)
Harvey Capital Partners
Hawke Asset Management
Hawkes Barratt Rossi Trading a/k/a HBR Trading
Hawkhurst Capital Plc
Hawkins and Hawkins PL International Escrow
Hayward Clarke Financiers
HC Consultants SL
HCG International
HCG Worldwide / HCG World Wide/ HCG Worldwide (Hendersons)
Heartford Capital Management
Heckart Associates LLC (www.heckartassociates.net)
Heinz Hokkaido International
Hemmingway Asset Management
Henderson & Rockwell Advisors
Henderson Capital Group
Henderson Global Funds 
Henderson Young 
Henley Consulting
Heritage Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd
Heritage Private Banking Limited
Hewitt & Stern (www.hewittstern.com)
Hexagon Financial (Clone of FSA registered firm)
HFX Limited
H Helm Investment Portfolio
HIG European Capital Partners
Hirshall Group
Hilton Advisory (based in Germany)
Hitit Capital
Hoffman Charles Securities
Hoffman Mueller (www.hoffmanmueller.com)
Hoffman Philips SL
Hoffman & Stanley
Holland & Leaf Advisory/Holland Leaf
Hollerman & Company LLC
Hollinger Newcastle
Hollymead PLC (formerly 03 Fincoop PLC)
Holy Cross Green (www.holycrossgreen.com)
The Home Alliance Plc
Homeland Protection LLC
Honeybourne Funeral Service (www.honeybournefuneralservice.co.uk)
Honeycross Estates Limited
Hong Kong & Shanghai Investment House Ltd
Hong Kong Finance (www.hkfincn.net)
Hopewood & Company
Hopkins, Pierce & Co Limited
Horizon Capital
Houston Research Group
Howell & Johnson Associates
Howell Schine & Co
Hoxton Associates (www.hoxton-associates.com)
HR Europe – http://www.hreurope.com
Hubert Child ACI
Hudson Asset Management
Hudson Munroe
Hughes Partners
Hugo Nue Corporation
Hunter Rowe Financial
Huntington Financial Group Inc
Huntley Claire Associates
Hutton Associates
HVC Asset Management Limited (www.hypovc.com)
HVC Securities Limited (www.hypovc.com)
H.Y. Markets (clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Hyda Florsbanc
Hydrogain Technologies Inc
Hypo Venture Capital (www.hypovc.com)

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I Trade (www.itradesecrets.com)
Ian Dike (also believed to have previously traded as Safeinvest or Ian Dike Financial Services)
Ian John Grisman
IAZ & Partners
IBG & Associates (www.ibgandassociates.com)
Icon Financial Partners (www.iconfp.com)
ID Markets Securities Limited
IDA Consultancy (www.idaconsultancy.com)
Ideal Merger Group (www.idealmergergroup.com)
IFC Limited (also known as IFC Trading Limited)
IGM International
IGM Securities
IME Advisors- http://www.ime-advisors.com
IMG Asset Management
Imperial Capital Partners LLC (www.imperialhedge.com)
Implex Insurance Brokers (www.implexinsurance.com)
Inca Pacific Gold & Mining
IncoNeon Limited
Independent Private Consultants
Index International Investments
Index Mergers and Acquisitions (www.index-ma.com)
Indo Africa Development Bank Limited
Industrial Biotechnology Coporation
Info Direct Marketing (www.infodirectingmarketing.com)
ING Investment Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Innis Financial Services LLC (www.innisfs.com)
Insignia Financial Services Ltd
Insta Trade Inc
Insurance 4 Quarries
Insurance Easy
Insurance Services (UK)
Insure2go (www.insure2go.net)
Integra Advisory Group
Inter Europe Trading a/k/a Inter Euro Trading Corporation (mbedingham@consultant.com)
Interactive World Trading Ltd
Interbank FX Funds
Intercap Management Group
Interciti Capital (www.interciticapital.com)
Intercontinental Forex Services – http://www.intercontinentalfx.com
Intercrest Clearing House (intercrestch.org)
Interdealer Brokers (IDB) (www.idbherobo.com/www.idb.herobo.com)
Integrated Investment Group (www.integratedinvestmentgroup.com)
International Acquisition Authority (www.interaa.org)
International Board of Mergers and Acquisitions (www.ibma.us)
International Business Advisors
International Consulting Services
International Digital Sports Technologies
International Equity Advisors Inc.
International Escrow Services
International Finance Group
International Financial Court (IFC) Hong Kong
International Financial Trading Commission (www.gov.intftc.us)
International Investor Commission (www.internationalic.com)
International Merger Services Group
International Mergers & Acquisitions Administration (www.international-maa.org)
International Nexus Ventures- http://www.nexusventures.com
International Options Trading (PTY) Ltd
International Regulation Services (www.intl-regulations.com)
International Settlement Services Ltd
International Stock Transfer Administration (www.stocktransfer.org)
International Stock Transfers Bureau
International Trade Advisory Committee (www.intl-tradeac.com)
International Wealth Management
International Zurich Group, (also known as Internationale Zurichgruppe)
Intertrade Investment (www.intertrade-invest.com)
Intuition Capital Corporation
Invesco Perpetual – Invesco Asian Precious Metals Fund (www.invescoperpetualfunds.com)
Invesco Perpetual – Invesco Gold Precious Metals Fund (www.invesco-perpetualfunds.com)
Invest Direct Group (www.invest-direct-group.com)
Investec Asset Management Limited
Investec Fund Managers Limited
InvestTech FX Technologies Inc
Investerate Investments Limited
Investex Corporation Limited
Investix (investix.net)
Investment Capital Consultants (www.investmentcapitalconsultants.co.uk) – Clone of FSA registered firm
Investment Consultancy UK
Investment House International
Investment Property Group (also known as Invest P G Limited)
Investor Pro Net
Investor Relations Corp
Investor Relations Group
Investors Group International
Investors Management Services (www.imsinvestorsmanagementservices.com)
Investor Tec (Geneva, Switzerland)
Invexus Capital
Invicta Advisory Services
IPH Properties (iphproperties.com)
IRS and Partners
Irvine Financial Intermediaries LLC
Irwell Advisors
Irwin Mitchell
Isaac Kline Securities
Isaac Paige Associates (www.isaacpaige.com)
Isis Capital Management (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
ITB Group
iTaxation Corporation Ltd (www.itaxation.com)
iTeknik Holding Corporation
ITG Derivatives, ITG Forex (www.itgforex.com)
I-Trading Limited
I-Trading Corporation Limited
Ivory Dome Securities (www.ivory-dome.com)
Ixis Capital Group

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Jackson Cole Investments 
Jacobs & Burns
Jacobson Group (www.jacobsongroup.net)
Jacob Stern
Jacob Stuart & Knight
Jackson Bernstein Associates
Jam Capital
James Church Associates (www.james-church.net)
James Jack Wilkinson
James Marketing Ltd
Jardine McKenzie
Jardine Windsor Asset Management
Jarvis Capital Management
JD Gordon Ltd
Jefferies Associates
Jefferson Brookes (www.jeffersonbrookes.com)
Jefferson Carter
Jefferson Clark Associates
Jefferson Holt Consulting
Jefferson Hunt
Jefferson Management (aka Franklin Asset Management)
Jesup & Lamont
Jez Capital (www.zwibel.com)
JLM Securities
JL Securities (www.jl-securities.com)
JM Finance Group
JM Financial Services Ltd. (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
John Hutton (based in Holt, Norfolk)
John Windsor and Associates (www.johnwindsorandassociates.com)
Johnson & Brown
Johnson & Sterling Consultancy Services (www.johnsonsterlingconsultancy.com)
Johnson Matthews Associates
Johnson McQuade Acquisitions (www.johnsonmcquadeacquisitions.com)
Jones Capital (www.Jones-Capital.com)
JP Brown & Partners (www.jpbrownandpartners.com)
J.P. Stuart and Associates
JR Hoffman and Associates
J Rowan Associates
JS Knight & Co. Limited
JSA Financial Services Ltd, trading as JSA Loans (www.JSALoans.co.uk, http://www.JSALoans.com)
Jubilee Financial
Jupiter Capital Research 
Jupiter Financial Management
Jupiter Wealth Management
Juvet Management

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K P Allen
Kaiser Young Associates
Kammer, Stuartt Reed
Karway Transfer (www.karwaytransfer.com)
Kauffmann & Associates
Kavanagh Equity Associates 

KB Vision Limited
Keller & west Partners, Inc., http://www.kellerandwest.com
Kennedy & Company
Kennedy Anderson & Lang Inc
Kenshin Capital Services
Kensington Capital
Kent Capital Ltd (http://www.kent-capltd.com)
Kent Financial Advisors Inc
The Kenzo Group (www.kenzogp.com)
Kerona Trading Ltd
Kessler and Partners (www.kesslerandpartners.com)
Kestrel Finance
Keswick Group
Kevin McNab
KHA Management / KHAManagement.com Klein-Hoffman Asset management; http://www.khamanagement.com
Kingfisher Equities
Kingsmead Private Equities
Kingsway Financial Group Inc
Kirkland Gray Acquisitions (www.kirklandgray.com)
Kirkland Lee
Kirkwood & Wells
KLC Partners
Klein Group (Holdings) Limited
Klein International
Klien Fisher (based in Geneva)
Kline Management Group
Knightsbridge Land Acquisitions
Knobel Lynch
Knowlton Group
Knox D’Arcy Investment Management Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Kobe Securities International
Koffmann Hatherway
Koppel & Levine, http://www.koppel-levine
Kubitz, Gold & Chubb (kubitzgoldchubb.com)
Kudos Financial Investments

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Ladies Workout Express Limited
Laidlaw Asset Management

Lakepointe Capital Advisors (www.lakepointeglobal.com)
Lambert Macmillan Corporation
Lamont Group International
Lance Global Solutions
Land International (Far East) Pte Limited
Land UK Developments Ltd
Landmark Trade Services Limited 
Langdon Group
Langhorn Group
Langley Advisory Services AG
Laurus Capital Group
The Lawful Bank
Lawrence Taylor and Co Ltd
Lawson Knight Group
LDG Capital Markets Company Limited
Leaf Corporate Advisory / Leaf Capital / Leaf Capital (Pty) Ltd
Lease Corporate Advisory
Ledge Goodman
Leed Finance Services UK (leedfinance.co.uk, leed-finance.com)
Lefroy Hudson
Legacy International 
Legend Merchant Group
Leggmason Investors Asset Managers plc (www.leggmasonplc.net, http://www.lmplc.net, http://www.leggmasonplc.com, http://www.lmplc.com)
Lehman Brothers Associates
Lehman Capital Market Limited
Lehman Reilly (www.lehmanreilly.com)
Leighton High Income Fund
Leighton International
LEK Consulting Group (www.clicklekconsulting.com)
Lendorf Alliance
Leonard Merlin
Leroy Philips Consulting/Leroy Phillips Consortium
Lewis Freedmann
Lexicon Mergers and Acquisitions
Lexington Direct/Lexington Clearing Firm (www.lexingtondirect.com)
Liam Collins
Liberty Assets inc
Liberty First Financial Services
Liberty One Advisors LLC
Lifetime Value Mortgage Services Ltd
Lightman Associates (thelightmanassociates.com)
Lima Resource Partners Inc (www.lrpi.net)
Limbaugh & York Associates
Lincon & Carter Associates (www.linconandcarterassociates.com)
Lincoln & Ellis Asset Management
Lincoln and Rutherford Financial Trust Management
Lincoln Ventures
Linda & Katherine Krueger Loan Firm (also known as L&KK Private Lending Firm)
Linsure Holdings Inc.
Lion Equities Inc
Liquid Appointments
Litchfield Enterprises, Inc.
Litmus Capital Management Group (www.litmuscapitalgrp.com)
Livingston Mergers and Acquisitions
Livingstone Asset Management
Lloyd Stanley (based in Switzerland)
Lloyds & Lambert Capital Ventures
Lloyds Finance Group (lloydsfinancegroup.com)
Lombard Grand Financials (www.lombardgrandfinancials.com)
Lombard Grand Inc
London Bankers Trust (www.l-b-t.info)
London Capital Trading- www.lct-limited.com and www.lct-investing.com 
London Equities
London Gold and Commodities Exchange (aka LGCEX)
London International Derivatives Exchange (lid-exchange.com)
London McFee Investments (www.londonmcfeeinvestments.com; http://www.londonmcfeeinvestment.com)
Lowe & Lane Asset Management
Lox International Group
LPA Financial Services
Lucano Holdings Plc (aka Lukano Holdings Ltd)
Lundy & Associates (www.lundyasc.com)
Luxor Trade LLP t/a Luxor Alliance (www.luxoralliance.com
Lyndon Pearce (www.lyndonpearce.com)
Lynx Commodities
Lynx Ltd
Lynx McKenzie Inc.

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M&A Alliance Group
M & A Global group
M F Asset Management
M S Global (www.msgs.pl)
M.S.Global (www.m-s-global.com)
MA Capital Partners (Clone of BaFIN authorised firm: M & A GmbH)
Mac and Ivan Solicitors
Macao Management
Macintyre Schaffer (www.macintyreschaffer.com)
Macmillan Frasier
Macro Trade
Madden Group (www.maddengroupinc.com)
Madison Advisory Group (www.madisonadvisory-group.com)
Madison and Silver Asset Management Inc
Madison Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions (www.madison-avema.com, http://www.madisonavenuesite.com, http://madisonavenuesite.com)
Maganura Mergers & Acquisitions
Maitland Bell & Co
Maji Capital Partners (Majicp.com)
Mako Global Market (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Man Financial
Management International Dublin Ltd 
Mandolin Resources (http://mandolinresources.com/)
Manhattan Acquisition Corp (www.manhattanacquisitioncorp.com)
Manhattan Corporate Transfers
Mannix Mergers & Acquisitions
Manor Financial Management (www.manorgold.com, www.manorhj.hk/en/jiaoyiasap?id)
Manor Private Capital (www.manorpcmanda.com, www.manorprivatecapitalll.com and www.manorpcl.com)
Man-Stein Capital Group
Marble Land Group Limited
Marcelo Belgrano Ledesma Abogados Ltd
Marcus Jones International, http://www.marcusjonesintl.com
Mark Bael Risk Management and Legal Services
Market Access Group
Markets Capital Solutions LIMITED, trading as MCMarkets LLC
Marketing Services International
Marriott & Lloyds
Marshall Browning
Marshall Eastman Advisory
Marshall Lambert Group
Marshall Stanwick
Masahiro International
Masaru Associates
Master Life Securities (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Masters Financial Corporation (www.mastersfinancialcorp.com)
Matheson Lloyd
Mathews Merger Management (www.mathewsmmgmt.com)
Mathisen Financial (www.mathisenfinancial.com)
Matterhorn International
Matthew Christ / MC Expert Consulting (www.matthew-christ.net)
Matthews & Meyer Capital Wealth Management
Maven Asset Management Ltd
Maxon Capital Limited
Maxson & Associates Securities Ltd.
Maxwell Consultancy (www.maxwellconsultancy.com)
Maxwell Fleming & Associates
Mayfair Capital Investments (www.mayfaircapitalinvetsments.com)
Mayfair Equities (www.mayfairequities.co.uk)
Maynes Business Services LLC (www.maynesservices.com)
MBC Financial Group / MBC Finance Group
MC Trading
McCarthy & Bennett
McKenzie Goldstein & Associates
McKenzie King Ltd
McMillen Capital Management (www.mcmillencapitalmgmt.com)
MediSys Corporation
Meissner Goodison Lee & Associates
Melqu Investments
Melrose & Greystone
Menzies & Co (www.menziesandco.com)
Mercantilebanc Securities Inc
Mercantile Sterling Management
Mercator Amalgamated (www.mercatoramalgamated.com)
Mercator Associates (www.mercatorassociates.com)
Merchant Finance/ Merchant Finance Society
Mercer and Associates Limited (www.mercerassociatesltd.com)
Mercier and Clark Partners (www.mercierclark.com)
Mercier International Group (aka Ainsley Consulting SL) / Mercier asset Management Inc
Mercury Global Acquisitions (www.mercuryga.us)
Merger Law Ltd
Mergers & Acquisitions Supervision & Administration Commission (MASAC)
Merit International / Merit Corporate Finance http://www.meritcorpfinance.com
Merkater International
Merkel Financial Incorporated (merkelfinancialinc.com)
MetCap Securities (www.metsecu.us)
MF Financial Ltd / MFFX (www.mffx.com)
MHH Associates (www.mhhassociates.com)
Miami International Bank Limited
Michael Airey
Michael Carter
Michael E Cowell
Michael John Hammond (Clone of FSA Approved Individual)
Mid America Fulfillment
Midas Capital Group
Midas Consulting Group
Midas Futures.co.uk
Midas International / Midas Worldwide (www.midasworldwide.com)
Midland Bank of Scotland
Milburn Equity Research (www.milburn-equity.com)
Milestone AMG
Milestone Management EU Ltd
Millennium Capital Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Millennium Financial Ltd
Miller & Parker Consulting Group (www.millerparkergroup.com)
Miller Bosses Acquisitions INC.
Miller Consulting Group (www.millerconsultancygroup.com)
Miller Winston – Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions (www.millerwinston.com)
Milton Dewar Asset Management
Milton Financials (clone of an FSA authorised firm)
Milton Hayward
Milton White Advisors
Minerva Management
Missold Investments
Mitchell Berry Consultancy (www.mitchellberryconsultancy.com)
Mitchell Finch International
Mitschka Alternative Advisory
Mitsubishi Finance (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Mitsui Asset Management (www.mitsuiassetmgmt.com)
MKL Business Services (mklbpo.com)
MM Institutional (www.mminstitutionaladvisors.com)
MMCIS Investments
Moe Securities
Momentum Investment Limited
Momentum Securities (www.momentumsec.com) (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Monarch Wealth Consultant (www.monarch-wc.com)
Money Helpers
Money FX Financial Services / MoneyFX Financial Services (moneyfx.biz)
Money FX Plc / MoneyFX PLC (moneyfx.biz)
Money Plus Worldwide Financial Limited (Website: moneyplus.biz)
MoneyRain Corporation Russia/ MRC Russia
Mont Bec Asset Management
Montague Stearn Advisory
Montgomery Schiller
Montgomery Tate & Associates
Montrose Group (www.montrose-group.com)
Moore Capital Group www.moorecapmanagement.co.cc (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Moorgate Capital Advisors (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Morgan Capital Partners
Morgan Financial Services
Morgan Hurst
Morgan Lynch Advisory
Morgan Philips Advisory
Morgan Philips Consulting (www.morgan-philips.com)
Morgan Premier Group (www.morganpremiergrp.com)
Morgan Soloman Inc
Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc – www.mscip.co.uk (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Morgan Stern Group
Morgan Young Financial Consultants
Morris & Kent
Morris and Hill Acquisitions (www.morrisonhillacquisitions.com

Morrison Capital Group (www.morrisonconsultancy.com)
Morrison Cross Financial Investments Ltd
Morrison Douglas
Morrison, Kirkland, Long
Mortgage Carriers
Mortgage Finance Bureau
Mortgage Healthcare Ltd
Mortgage Repossession
Mount Rock Capital (Clone of FSA authorised firm) 
Mount Royal Investments
Mount Vernon Equities Inc. (http://mountvernonequitiesinc.com)
Mr Insurance
MT Carbon Ltd / MTC Land (www.mtcland.com)
My Pension Cash (www.mypensioncash.com)
Myers Bruning Associates
Zane Hegarty (www.mypensionmoney.co.uk)  
Muller Lacroix Consultancy
Mullen and Cheecks Consulting Group (www.mullencheecksconsulting.com)
Murdoch Finch Associates
Murray Merger Group

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Nakamishi Financial Inc.
Nationwide Mergers and Acquisitions
Natures Wealth Management
NC Advisory Ltd (www.ncadvisory.co.uk)
Nest Acquisitions and Mergers
Network Capital Partners
New Alliance Capital Management
New Asia Business
New Bird Capital Network Ltd
New Century Capital (www.newcencap.com)
New Dynamic Group (www.newdynamicgroup.com / http://www.newdynamicgroup.net)
New England Worldwide Services
New Lines Futures Austria
New Outlook Management Group (www.newoutlookmg.com)
New Power Technology Ltd (“NPT”)
New Waterford Ltd (www.new-waterford.net)
New York Financial Corp
New York Financial Group, http://www.newyorkfgrp.com
New York Finance Company (www.newyorkfinanceco.com)
Newbridge International
Newcastle Distributors
Newedge Broker Ltd
Newland Underwriting Ltd
Newman Bell Mergers & Acquisitions
Newton Smith Associates (www.newtonsmithassociates.com)
Nexus Futures
Nexus Ventures (www.nexusventures.com)
Nick Money (Clone of FSA Approved Person)
Nikkei Financial (www.nikkei-financial.com)
Nippon Financial Partners (www.nipponfp.com)
Nivo Invest and Trade Corp
NJ Williams Law (njwilliamslaw.com)
NKP Financial (www.nkp-financial.com) (clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Noble Investments and Securities SL 
Norsk Financial
North Atlantic Oil & Gas (www.northatlanticoil.com)
North Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions (www.northpacificmergers.com)
North Point M&A Advisors LLC
Northern Alliance Group
Northern Capital (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm and UK incorporated firm) 
Northern Trust Global Services Ltd (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Norton Blake – (www.nortonblake.com)
Norton Dunne & Associates
Norwich Capital Mutual Funds Limited
Nova Portfolio Management; Nova UK Limited (www.novaportfoliomanagers.com; www.novauklimited.com; www.novaukltd.com) (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
NT Financial Services- http://www.ntfinancialservices.net
Nygard Wallace Management / Nygard Wallace Management Inc.
NY Finance Limited/NY Financial (www.nyfinanceltd.com)

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Oakmont International LLC
Oakwaldeen Asset Management Plc, Oakwaldeen Unit Trust Managers Limited and Oakwaldeen Asset Management Limited
Oceanic Equities
Occidental Capital Partners (www.oxycapitalpartners.com)
Octagon Financial Group
Office Administration Services Limited
Offshore Taxation Ltd (www.offshore-taxation.com)
OFS Investment House
Okamura Asset Management
Oil Trade Asia Ltd
Olin Solutions
Omega Advisory Group (based in Munich and Geneva)
Omega Capital Management 
Omega Equities
Omega Financial Services (based in New Jersey USA)
Omega Investment Solutions
Online Financial Market Service Ltd (OFM Forex) (www.ofmforex.com)
Onyx Acquisitions
Opes Capital Inc (www.opes-capitalinc.com)
Opes Ingenium Group
OPM Resources
Optis Group LLC (www.optisgroupllc.com)
Oracle Equity Management
Orange Finance Group UK
Oriental Consolidators
Orion International Trading Inc
Oxbridge International Limited
Oxburgh & Palmer
Oxford PCG Limited trading as Oxford Fund Management
Oxford Sunergy Ltd (www.oxford-sunergy.com)

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Pacific Alliance Mergers & Acquisitions Limited (www.pacificalliancema.com)
Pacific Capital Trading Ltd
Pacific Citi Trust Bank Plc
Pacific Federal SA
Paddington Stewart
Pagani Wealth Management Ltd (www.paganiwealth.com)
Pan Asia Brokers & Consultants Ltd
Pan Asia Futures Limited (www.pan-asiafutures.com) 
Pan European Equity Advisors (www.paneea.com)
Pan European Investment Management
Pan Pacific Financial
P.A.N. Securities LP – Mergers and Acquisitions (Clone of US broker dealer)
Panama City Capital Corporation
Panmure Gordon & Co http://www.panmuregordon.net
Pancisco International Ltd aka Pancisco Int Inc aka PIFX
Papillion Associates
Paradigme Solutions
Paragon International (www.paragon-international.com, Clone of FSA authorised firms)
Park Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions (http://parkavenuema.com)
Park Lane Financial
Parker Forrester
Parker Lane
Parker Monroe Associates
Parker Rowe
Parsons John
Partners Investment Network (www.partnersinvestmentnetwork.com)
Patterson & Klein (www.pattersonklein.com)
Paul L Thomas (paulthomasrbs@gmail.com)
Paul Michael Harwood
Paxton Capital Services- http://www.paxtoncapitalservices.com
Payza (www.payza.com)
PBF Asia Limited
PCA & Associates
Peak Power Direct (www.peakpowerdirect.com)
Pearce & Clarke (www.pearce-clarke.com)
Pearl Associates
Pearlman & Sinclair
Pendleton & Associates, http://www.pendletonandassociates.com
Penn Capital Management Ltd
Pension Cash Today (www.pensioncashtoday.com)
Pension Locator .org.uk (www.pensionlocator.org.uk)
The Pension Reviews Company t/a Switch Leads Ltd (www.reviewservice.org.uk)
Peregrine Capital Management Limited
Peregrine International Consulting Group (www.peregrineintlgroup.com)
Perlman-Haas Associates
Perpetual Suisse
Perrin, Holden & Davenport Capital Corporation
Perry Capital Limited (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Peter Church Consulting (said to be based in Brussels)
Peter Daniel Daly
Peterson Advisors Limited (www.petersonconsultancy.com, http://petersonconsultancy.com)
Peterson & Jones Associates
Peterson and Rothschild
Peterson McCormack Associates
Peterson, Paton & Edwards Capital
Pex Global (www.pexglobalinc.com)
PFR Services (planning for retirement) 
PGM Europe
PGS Limited (www.pgs-mf.com)
PH Capital Invest (www.phcapitalinvest.com)
Pharma Holdings (www.pharmaholdingsinc.com)
Phi Alpha Holdings
Philip Equity Management
Philip Jones
Phoenix Asset Management SA
Phoenix Capital Partners
Phoenix Cooper Financial (www.phoenixcooperfinancial.com)
Phoenix Investments AG (www.phoenixinvestmentsag.com)
Phoenix (Mergers &) Acquisitions
Phoenix Partners SL
Phoenix Property Development & Sales Ltd
Pierce Morgan Capital Management LLC (http://piercemorgan.us)
The Pinnacle Group (www.pinnaclefgroup.com)
Pinnacle Trade Ltd
Pioneer Equity Advisors
Pioneer Global Investments (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
PIPS Financial Services
Platinum Asset Management (pty) Ltd
Platinum Associates
Platinum Consultancy / Platinum Consulting
Platinum Funds Management (platinumfundsmanagement.com)
Platinum Group Holdings, www.platinumgrpholdings.com
Platinum House Financial (www.platinumhousefinancial.com) (Clone of previously FSA Registered firm)
Platinum Index
Platinum International Investments Inc
Plasters Investment Europe Limited
Platinum Management Inc
Platinum Placements Management
Plus 500 UK (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
Polaris Capital Management (www.polariscapman.com)
Polaris Trading Partners
Polson and Strong
Portland Advisory
Portland Capital Assets
Portman Manaheim Group
Portsmouth Escrow Service LLC
Powerhouse Corporate Financial (www.powerhousecorpfinance.com)
Pratt International KPO LLC (www.prattintl.com)
Pre Money Limited
Mr Preethy Biju Gopinath
Premier Asset Management LLC
Premier Cash Investment United Kingdom
Premier Equities Limited
Premium Placement
Prentice Capital Management
Presiding Brethren PLC
Prestige Asset Management (based in Luxembourg)
Prestige Finance Europe Limited
Preston Wainwright Asset Management
Pretoria Overseas Bank Plc
Price & Stone Mergers & Acquisitions
Price and Stone Mergers and Acquisitions
Price Stone
Price Stone Group
Price Webb Associates (www.pricewebbassociates.com)
Price Worley
Prime Forestry
Prime Management (www.primemanagementfinancial.com)
Prime Solutions, Inc. (www.primesolutions.us)
Prime Strategies LLC (www.primestrategiesllc.com)
The Prime Time Group
PRI Services Limited
Principal Consult Limited
Priority Venture Management
Pro Brokerage BV Limited
Proctor Goodman & Associates
Professional Financial Advisors (www.professionalfinancialadvisors.co.uk – Clone of previously FSA registered firm)
Profitors Investment Corp Ltd
Progress Advisors LLC (progressadvisorsmiami.com)
Property Freedom (www.property-freedom.com)
Property Gains Management Poland SP Zoo
Property Gains Management SL
Pro Smart Advisors (Clone of a previous FSA Registered Firm)
Pro Smart Securities (Clone of a previous FSA Registered Firm)
Provident Capital Indemnity
Provident Capital pte Ltd
Prudential Global Group
Prymus Solutions (website: prymusolutions.com)
PureInvestor.com Inc

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QBUK/ Quanta Business UK
The QROPS Specialist / QROPS Specialists – http://www.the-qrops-specialist.com (operating from Spain)
QS Liberty Funding Corp LTD
Quadrant Mergers & Acquisitions (www.quadrantma.com)
Quantex Trading
Quantum Asset Management, Switzerland (www.quantumam.net)
Quantum Partners ltd (www.quantumpartnersltd.com)
Quarta Dimensio
Queen Anne’s Property Investment Group (QAP Investment Limited)
Queensland Finance House Plc
Quest Commodities Ltd
Quest Financial Management (Clone of FSA authorised firms)
Quick Orbit E-mony Limited
Quickest Homesale Limited
Quintessence Holdings, Inc.

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R.A.D.O. Global Trade Limited
R.A.Lafferty Inc (www.ra-laffertyinc.com) 
The R.A. Roberts Partnership Limited (www.roberts-fx.co.uk) 

Rabo Strategies (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm – www.rogosbv.com)
Radisson Venture Capital

Rattenbury Group (www.rattenburygroup.com)
Rayburn Watson and Associates (www.rayburnwatson.com)
Raydu Advisory
Raymond Graves t/a ROOFSSIPP
RBEF Limited (www.rbef-limited.net)
RBG Finance / RBG Finances
RDLynch Trader (www.rdlynchtrader.com)
RDS Commodities
Red Brick Capital Corporation
Red Dragon (www.asiandragonfincn.com)
Red Enterprise (www.red-enterprise.co.uk, http://www.red-enterprise.com)
Redbridge Associates: http://www.redbridgeassociates.com
Redwood Associates
Redwood Capital
Redwood Capital Consultants Limited
Reed Johnson International
Reed Johnson International Inc.
REF Capital Markets (www.refcapitalmarkets.com)
Regal Capital Group LLC (based in Texas, USA) (www.regal-capitalgroup.com)
Regal International (Cloning FSA PSD Agent FRN number) (www.regal-international-ltd.com)
Regency Advisory Group (Regency AG)
Regency Equity Consulting
Regency Exchange Board
Regent & Langley Consulting Group (www.regentandlangleyconsulting.com)
Reichman Advisory SL
Reliance Asset Management Ltd (www.reliance-am.com)
Reliance Capital
Rementon & Fitzgerald
Remi Boiffard
The Renewable Corporation
Renko & Associates
Research Capital
The Research Group
Revendor Management Inc t/a MYO Fund
Reynolds Group Limited – reynoldsfinance.com
RG-Client (Clone of FSA Approved Individual)
Rhaines LLC (www.rhainesllc.com)
Richard Adamson (richard.adamson.ifa@gmail.com) 
Richard Blendmonde
Richard Davies Investors Limited
Richard Grant Birch
Richard Ramsden (Clone of FSA Approved person)
Richard Watson Associates
Richardson & Foster Partners (www.richardsonfoster.com)
Richardson Capital Group/Richardson Consultancy
Richmond Analysis
Richmond & Co Associates Limited
Richmond Capital Management
Richmond International
Richmond Royce Advisory Services S.L.U.
Ridgewell Capital Markets
Rifkin Weiss
RIG Securities Limited, also trading as RIG Capital Rainbow Market Group
Riva Holdings- http://www.rhcyp.com
RJL International Limited
Robbins, McCaully, Appleby LLC
Robert Gold IFA Associates / RG Associates (Clone of FSA Approved Individual)
Robertson Ellis (www.robertsonellis.com)
Robinson and Schroder (www.robinsonschroder.com)
Robinson Hurst
Robinson Waid and Partners AG, rwaponline.com and robinsonwaidandpartners.com
Robinsons Group Consultants
Rooney Gallagher Private Equity Partners (www.rooneygallagher.com)
Rose & Cranfield
Rosenstock Capital (www.rosenstockcapital.com)
Rosenthal Collins Foreign Exchange (UK) Limited
Rossford Mergers & Acquisitions
Roth Group GmbH (The)
The Roth Institute
Rothman Capital
Rothman Goldstein
Rothman Securities Inc.
Rothridge Consulting Group
Rowe Allan Mergers and Acquisitions (www.roweallan.com)
Royal Assets and Research
Royal Asset Management of Canada
Royal London Investment Group
Royston Hobbs
RTS Advisory Group
Rubens Gold & Myer
Ruluso Holdings Ltd
Russell Merger Group (www.russell-mg.com)
Ruston Banking Group
Ruston Bank Limited
Ruston Global Funds Limited
Ruston Mutual Limited
Ruston Securities Limited
Rutherford Ross Limited
RVC Markets
RV Corporate, or RV Corporate Finance (also known as RVC Markets)
Ryan & Mahar LLC (www.ryanmaharllc.com)
Ryan Robert Burnside

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S & P Group, www.selfridgeperkinsgroup.com
S-One Financial/Summit One Financial (www.sonefinancial.com)
Safe Inrest Quota Obtain Ltd (also known as SIQO)
Sage Consultants http://www.sageconsultants.com
SAGI (Securities Advisory Group International)
Sakuma Group
Salamon and Tate Consulting (http://salamonandtateconsulting.com)
Salomon and Associates
Samsung Securities a/k/a Sigma Securities (info@samsung-securities.com)
SAN-Trans Services, SAN-Trans Services UK (www.san-trans.tk) (www.san.eu.pn)
Sanderson Independent Group; www.sanderson-group.com
Sandford Hale & Co. (www.sandford-hale.com)
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co (www.scbernstein.co.uk)
SanSZee Financial Solutions Ltd
Santiago Mergers & Acquisitions (http://santiagomna.com/)
Sarasin Funds Management (Guernsey) Limited (Clone of FSA Registered firm – www.sarasin-funds.com, www.sarasinfunds.com) 
Saudi American Holding Corporation or Schaffner Holding
Sauer Rayson International
Savoy Investment Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Saxon Rose / Saxon Rose Associates, saxon-rose.com
Schaeffer Collins
Schiller Gates
Schneider Wolfe Alliance
Schoefer Davis Limited
Schotts Capital Managements
Schreiber & Gruenberg Partnership Limited & Co. Beteilingungs KG 
Schroeder Wahlberg
Scott Fitzgerald Group
Scottsdale Capital Consultancy Services (www.scottsdaleconsultancy.com)
Scottsdale Future and Options
SDA Investors Co (www.sdainvestors.net) (claiming to be registered in the USA)
Seaboard Securities, Inc. (www.seaboardsecurities.com)
Seagram Services Ltd (seagramservicesltd.net)
Seagreen Global Limited 
Secure Wealth Management
Secure Insurance (Clone of authorised firm)
Secured Communications Limited (trading as CashU.com)
Securities Administration
Securities Advisory Group (www.securitiesadvisorygroup.org)
Securities Associates Group
Securities Management Research (based in Manhattan, USA)
Securities Trading Commission (www.gov.secto.us)
Security Advisory Group
Seisma Oil Research LLC also trading as Seisma Energy Research (www.seismaoilresearch.com, http://www.seismaresearch.com)
Sekulic Dragon (www.sekulicdragon.com)
Select American Transfer Co.
Selective Insurance
Selfridge Perkins Group, www.selfridgeperkinsgroup.com
Sell and Rent Back Solutions (www.sellandrentbackmyhouse.org.uk)
Sell Pension UK
Selva Resources Corporation (www.selvaresources.com)
Semper Consulting Limited & Co KG/Semper Management Services Limited
Sentinel Trading Investment Corporation
The Settlement Group
S.F. Invest Limited/ Sigmaforex.com Limited
S G Financial
SGI Investments
SGS Consultants Limited (www.sgsconsultantslimited.com http://sgsconsultantslimited.com)
Shanghai Capital Group Inc.
Shanghai Wang Venture Inc.
Share Sales Pty Ltd
Shaw Capital Management (www.shaw-capital.com)
Shenzhen International Group (www.shenzheninternationalgroup.com)
Sherwood Henderson Limited
Sidstone, Gray & Partners (www.sidstonegray.com)
Siegar Private Limited
Sigma Securities/Sigma Asset Management (www.sigmaassetmangement.com)
Silverman International
Silverthorne and Chambers Inc 
Simon Eastwood Asset Management

Simora Investments
Simplon Corporation Trust
Sinclair Insurance Co Limited
Sino Financial (www.sfltdcn.com/)
Sino Trade Europe (www.sino-trade-europe.com)
Skipton Asset Management (www.skiptonassetmanagement.com)
Sky Capital / Sky Capital Enterprises / Sky Capital Holdings
Sky Money Solutions
Sky Safe Ltd
SLFC Unit Managers (UK) Limited/Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada “Offshore Division”/Sunlife Offshore Limited
Sloane & Rutherford
Smart Marketing Services
SMES Bank Great Britain Limited
Smith & Dalton- http://www.smithdalton.com
Smith and Gianni Partners
Smith and Lockhart Associates (www.smithlockhartassociates.com)
Smith Capital (www.smith-cap.com)
Smith Fairchild
Smith Financial UK
Smith Kearney M&A – http://www.smithma.com
SNF Associates Inc (snfassociatesinc.com)
Solaris Financial Solutions (www.solaris-fs.com)
Sold In A Click
Solomon Lloyd
Sophisticated Investor
South Atlantic Securities
Southampton Investment Services Limited (southamptoninternational.com)
Southern Cross Mergers & Acquisitions
Sovereign Pacific Inc
Spearmint Blue Limited
Spearmint Blue SL
Spectrum Acquisition Holdings
Spectrum Land
SpencerFerguson Financial Services/SpencerFerguson Wealth Management
Spencer Group
SPG, www.selfridgeperkinsgroup.com 
Spielberg Kraus Associates
Springbok Finance Limited
Springhill Group (http://springhillgroup.com)
SP Trade Investments Capital Limited
SPS Investments GmbH (www.investwithsps.com) 
SPS Investment Products (www.investwithsps.com)
Square Mile Finance (www.squaremilefinance.com)
Square Mile Financial (www.squaremilefinancial.com)
Square Mile Financial (www.squaremilefinancial.co.uk)
St Andrews Securities (www.standsec.com)
St James & Thatcher Associates
St. James Asset Management/St. James Associates(www.sjassetmanagement.com)
St. James Partners (www.sjassetmanagement.co.uk)
St. James Wealth (www.stjwealth.com)
Standard Hokori Group (www.standardhokori.com)
Standford Long 
Stanfield Moritz Associates

Stanley Equities Investment Advisors
Stanley Morris Cooper / SMC Croup (www.stanleymorriscooper.com)
Stanley Riebeck Corporation
Stanmore Advisory Group
Stanton Berkley
Stanton Goldstein (www.stantongoldstein.com)
Starke Wealth Management
Steed and Associates
Stein Banc Commerce
Stein Fitzgerald Associates/Stein Fitzgerald Group
Steinberg Investment Research AG – http://www.sir-suisse.com
Steinbrueck Financial Services
Steiner Haus Capital (www.steinerhauscapital.com)
Stephen Vandervord
Stephens Capital Markets Limited
Stephenson Moore Consulting
Sterling Alternative Energy Group
Sterling Asset Management
Sterling Equity Corporation
Sterling Finance AG (http://sterlingfinanceltd.com)
Sterling Independent Financial Solutions (clone of FSA registered firm)
Sterling Manhattan
Steve Kelley Independent Financial Advisor (www.skifa.co.uk)
Sterling Equity Corporation
Steve Kelley Independent Financial Advisor (www.skifa.co.uk)
STIFX (stifxonline.com)
STJ Advisors also trading as STJ Wealth (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Stockwell Investment Group
Stockcom Tradez Inc aka http://www.stockcominc.com
Stoic Capital Management Inc
Stonewell Finance
STP Direct Ltd
Strategic Corporate Services
Strategic Energy Partners
Strategic Investment Group
Strategic Investment Partners Group
Strategic Merger Consultants/ http://www.strategicmergerconsultants.com
Stratford Advisory Services
Strathclyde Associates, http://www.strathclydeassociates.com
Stratton Wainwright
Strauss Capital Consultants (www.strausscapitalconsultants.com)
Strauss Jones (www.straussjones.com)
Suisse Life Securities
Sukumo Group
Sullivan Investment Group
Sullivan Ross
SUMITOMO Financial Corporation (www.sumifincorp.com)
Summit Capital Management
Summit Holdings (www.summitholdings.info)
Summit Mergers and Acquisitions (New York)
Summit One Financial/S-One Financial/ (www.sonefinancial.com)
Sun-Wealth Corporate Finance (www.sun-wealthcorpo.com)
Sunline Transfer Agents (www.sunlinetransfer.com)
Sunwide Finance
Svl Asset Management (www.svlassetmanagement.com)
SVM Ireland (www.svmireland.com)
Swan Asset Management (www.swanmgmt.com)
Swift Bridging
Swiss & Global Asset Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Swiss Atlantic Securities AG
Swiss Capital Assets
Swiss Equity Investment (www.swissequityinvestment.com)
Swiss Financial Group
Swiss Financial Service (www.swissfinancialservice.net)
Swiss Global Asset Management (www.sgamldn.com – Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Swiss International Group
Swiss Key Equity
Swiss Management Consulting
Swiss Money Report, http://www.swissmoneyreport.net
Swiss Trust Advisory
Swiss Financial Research (www.info@swiss-fr.com)
Switch Leads Limited (The Pension Review Company)
Switzerland Investment Group
Swollen Horse Limited
Symposia Private Equity (www.symposia-equity.co.uk)
Syndicate Group International
Synergy Capital, LLC (www.synergycap.net)
Synergy Europe (www.synergyeurope.eu)
Synergy Commodities
Synergy Mergers & Acquisitions
Synergy Wealth

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Tailormade Investment Villages Limited
Taiyo Financial
Takeshi Finance
Talvest International
Tana Corum Holdings
Tarquin Capital Management
Tate and Caver Consultancy Group (www.tatecarverconsultancy.com)
Tate Rutherford
Taylor & Grant Associates
Taylor Bancroft
Taylor Hargreaves (Geneva, Switzerland)
Taylor King & Associates
Taylor Mannis LLC (www.taylormannis.com)
Taylor Morrisson
Taylor Wilson International
TBS Securities
TC & P Trade trading as High Capital
Teikoku Commodities
Templar International
Templegate Asset Management (www.templegateam.com)
Templeton Consultants
Templeton Finance
Terra Med Alliance Corporation
Terence (Terry) Wright
Textaproperty Limited – (Brian Smith)
Textaservice Limited – (Brian Smith)
Thalam Property & Financial Services
The Alternative Investment Club / Altinvestclub / The Alternative Investment Group
The Ashton Lewis Group
The Bank Street Securities
The Birchmore Group
The Crown Group
The Equity Institution (www.theequityinstitution.com)
The First Shield LLC
The Platinum Group, http://www.platinumgrpholdings.com
The Prime Time Group
The R.A. Roberts Partnership Limited (www.roberts-fx.co.uk) 
The Renewable Corporation
The Research Group
The Roth Institute
The Settlement Group
The Trading Fund
The Vale Group / Vale Group Asset Management / Vale Group Investments
Thibault Capital Markets
Thomas & Hyde Consulting
Thomas and Stanley
Thomas Anderson Advisory (www.thomasandersonadvisory.com)
Thomas Capital (www.thomas-cap.com)
Thomas Cohen
Thomas Stockman
Thomas Weisel Group Europe
Thompson Associates
Thompson Cartwright Group (www.thompsoncartwrightgroup.com)
Thompson Gerrard (Clone of previously FSA Registered firm)
Thompson Miller Group
Thompson Weinberg
Thomson Hill Group
Tiger Consultants; Tiger Investing (www.tiger-investing.com; www.tiger-consultants.com) (Clone of FSA Registered firm) 
Timberlake Energy Solutions Inc / TLKE:US, http://www.timberlakeenergy.org
Titan Financial Services (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Titan Invest
Titan VC Zurich/TVC Zurich
Tom Brookes
Tony Oliver
Total Asset Management
Total Financial Limited
Touch Financial (Clone of UK incorporated firm)
TPF Trading (www.tpftrading.com)
TPG Securities (www.tpgsecurities.com) 
Trade Winners
Tradelinx Investments Limited/Tradelinx Securities Group
The Trading Fund
TRA (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Trading Resources Capital Management- http://www.trcapitalmgmt.com
Traditional Funds (www.traditionalfunds.com)
Transatlantic Alliance (www.transatlantic-alliance.com)
Transatlantic Group Mergers & Acquisitions
Transglobal Oil Corp
Transmeridian Exploration, Inc.
Treasury Standard Bank – http://www.treasurystandard.org
Trendex Research UK
Trent Advisors
Trent Consultants
Trenton Hassel Investment Limited
Tresaderns & Partners SL
Trendex Research UK
Trias ltd (www.triasltd.com)
Tri Capital Management
Tribune Assets Management (www.tribune-assets.com)
Tricontinental Capital Corporation
Trident Market Advisors
Trillium Drake
Trilogy Investment Funds plc (www.trilogyinvestmentfunds.com. Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Trinity Finance International
Trinity Finance Offshore Banking
Trinity Management
Trinity Options and Futures Group (www.tofgroup.com)
Triumph Capital Management
Trowbridge Capital
Troy Lansdowne
Trustnet International
Tsuen Wan International
Tucan Claims, also trading as Tucan Claims Limited
Tudor Asset Management (www.taminvestments.com)
Tudor Client Associates
Tudor Hamilton
Tudor Invest Limited
Turner Financial Inc. (www.turnerfinc.com)
Turner Greene Corporation
Turquoise Development Company
Turtle Futures Limited

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UK Pension Loans (www.ukpensionloans.com)
Unicorn Finance Group (www.unicornfinancegroup.com)
Unified Investment Group Inc
Union Acquisition Group
Union Partners SL (formerly Goldberg Kravitz SL)
Union Research
Union Wealth Management
Unique Car Insurance, Unique Car Insurance 17+ (www.uniquecarinsurance.co.uk)
Unique Car Insurance Brokers
Unique Cheap Car Insurance LTD (www.uniquecheapcarinsurance.co.uk)

Unique Solutions Network Limited
Unison Insurance Brokers (www.wix.com/unisonbrokers/unison)
United Markets (Asia) Limited
United Re-Insurance Group
United Wealth
United World Capital Ltd (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Universal Consolidated- www.universalcsld.com
Universal Energy Corporation
Universal Energy Group
Universal Management Services
Universal Partners
Univest Limited
Unlock my frozen pension
UOT Financial Services Limited
US Capital FX
US Petroleum Holdings
US Securities & Equities Bureau (www.gov.usseb.us)
US Stock Transfer Bureau
UST Financial Services Corp (www.ustfinance.com)
UTC International Services (www.utcinternationalservices.com)

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V Finance
Valcourt Investment and Advisory Services  
The Vale Group / Vale Group Asset Management / Vale Group Investments
Van Broeke Consultancy Group; http://www.vanbroekeconsultancygroup.com
Van der Halen Equities
Van De Vries Partners
Vanderhoff Group
Vanguard FG International a/k/a ‘VFG International’
Vanguard Financial Services
Vantage Equity (www.vantageequity.com)
Vantage Securities (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Vauntage Trading – http://www.vauntagetrading.co.uk
Ventura Capital Partners Ltd (http://venturacapitalpartners.com)
Vertex Commodities
Vertical Analysis (aka Analytics)
VGRM Limited
Victory Invest Limited
Viking Gold Limited
Viking Gold Resources and Mining- http://www.vikinggoldandmining.com
Viking Mining Resources Limited
Viridian Ethical Investments (http://www.viridianethicalinvestments.com/)
Vision Commodities
Visotrade Management Inc.
Vogel and Fine- http://www.vogelfine.com
Von Bismarck Global Investment Research
Voyager Investment Management
VRS Funding Corp (www.vrsfunding.com)

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Waight and Caffie Company Ltd (www.waightcaffie.com)
Wainwright Research (Zurich)
Wakefield & Stern
Wakefield Lieberman
Wakefield Partners
Wakeford & Goodridge
Waldon McLean Associates
Walker Bryan Securities (www.walkerbryansecurities.com)
Walker Financial Management (Clone of authorised firm) (www.wfinancialmanagement.com)
Walker Stone
Wall Street Organisation
Wallace Jacob Consultants Corporate Services
Walten Pichler – www.waltenpichler.com (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Walter Parker Group (www.walterparkergroup.com)
Warner Abbott Capital Management (www.warnerabbott.com)
Warren & Massey Asset Management Ltd., Inc
Warren Fisher & Associates (http://warrenfisherassociates.com)
Warren Sitco & Company
Warrick Management Group Ltd
Warthon Rubin (www.warthon-rubin.com)
Washington, D.C. Securities Division (www.uswsd.org)
Washington Roberts
Waterhouse Scott Ltd
Waterman Associates
WBwso Ltd
WCB Financial Group
Wealth and Asset Planning
Wealth Management Services Limited
Weber Goldstein
Webster, Cohen & Galombik Inc
Weinberg Equity Management (www.weinbergequitymanagement.com)
Weisberg & Cohen LLC (www.weisbergcohen.com)
Weizman Associates
Weizmann & Young (www.weizmannyoung.com)
Welbeck Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Welborn Capital LLC (www.welbornllc.com)
Welcome Mittal Group UK Ltd
Welling & Company, LLC (www.wellingco.com)
Wellington-Duke & Associates
Wellington Management (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Wellington Management GmbH (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
Wellington Management Portfolios (www.wellingtonmp.com) (Clone of FSA Authorised firm) 
Wellington Mergers & Acquisitions
Wellington Trading Group
Wells Capital Management (www.wellsconsultancy.com)
Wells Fargo Advisors (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Wells Fargo Securities International Limited/Suncor (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Wentworth and Gerrard International Capital (www.wginternationalcapital.com)
West Finance Limited
West Golden Capital (www.westgoldencapital.com)
West Shore Ventures Limited
Westbrook Acquisition Authority (westbrookacquisitionauthority.com)
Westcomb Capital Management
Westerby (+44 207 411 9988) (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Western Royal
Westernfield Holdings
Westgate & Greene Associates (www.westgategreene.com)
Westgate Capital Management
Westhorpe Capital
Westin International Inc
Westmill Associates (www.westmillassociates.com)
Westminster Advisory
Westminster Equities
Westminster Group
Weston and Scott Consultants (www.westonscottconsultants.com)
Weston Chase
Westton Worldwide M&A Inc
Wheeler Asset Management
Whitehouse Capital Limited (WHC)
Whittman Simmons / Whittman Simmons, Inc. / Whittman Simmons Incorporated
Wiess and Associates Ltd
Wilkin Associates
Wilkins Fairbrother
William & Brown Management Group (www.williambrownmanagement.com)
William Blair Capital Partners
William Campbell Company (www.williamcampbellcompany.com)
Williams Consultancy Limited (www.williamsconsultancyltd.com)
William Morgan Group (www.williammorgangroup.com)
William Smith and Company (www.williamsmithandcompany.com)
William Smith Partners
Williams Mckenna, http://www.williamsmckenna.com
Willkinson Capital Group (www.willkinsoncapital.com)
Willmont Financial SL
Wilsone & Duffus (UK) Ltd – www.wilsone-markets.com (clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Wilton Investment Group 
Wiltshire Asset Management
Winchester Consultancy Group (www.winchesterconsultancygrp.com)
WindRiver Capital
Windsor Asset Management
Windsor Brokers (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Winterthur Fund Management (winterthurfundmanagement.com) (clone of a cancelled firm, and FSA authorised firms) 
Winthorpe Morgan Group
Wise Capital Financial Consultants
Whitestone Financial Planning/WS Financial Planning (Clone of FSA former Appointed Representative, www.wsfinancialplanning.com)
Wolfgang Investment Group (www.wolfganginvestmentgroup.com)
Wolf Investment Solutions (www.wolf-investsol.com)
Woodbridge Investments Group (woodbridgeinvestmentsgroup.com)
Woods and Sheldon
World Blue (Cyprus) Limited
World Capital Group
World Capital Securities
World Energy Holdings and Research PLC
World Exchange Markets Limited
World Exchange Markets SL
World Exchange Markets WEM SL
World Market Resources
World Pension Plus
World Securities Authority (www.wsauthority.org)
World Trade Financial Corporation
Worldwide Bio Refineries
Worldwide Finance Marketing Services – http://www.worldwidefinancemarketingservices.com
Worldwide Investors Portfolio (Clone of FSA authorised firm – Schedule 5) (www.worldwideinvestmentsportfolio.com)
Worldwide Limited
Worldwide Research Group
Worldwide Risk Consultants
Worthington Financial Group
W R Bainbridge
WSEP Services / http://www.wsep.co.uk

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Ximex Executive Ltd

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Yamato Asset Management Co Ltd (www.yamatoam.com)
Yamato Associates
Yardstick Marketing
Yee Seng Global
York & Williamson
Yuan Finance

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Zahid Akram Raja trading as Euro Finance Network, Euro Finance Limited, Property Millionaires and Capitol Solutions (www.capitolsolutions.co.uk, http://www.propertymillionaires.biz)
Zane Hegarty (www.mypensionmoney.co.uk)
Zen Investment

Zenith Commodities
Zenith Profit (www.zenithprofit.com)
Zimmerman Consultants
Zohra Investment Ltd / Zohra Investment Properties Ltd (www.zohrainvestment.co.uk)
Zurich Capital Gruppe
Zurich Direct