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Reproductive Instinct Program Caused Compulsive Behavior’s effect on Relationships

By JMorrison


What follows comes from 28 years of research. The concept of compulsive behavior being caused by instincts that are programed within us isn’t new. However, my research on the impact of Reproductive Cycle Compulsions on relationships has never before been so acutely studied. I hope this information proves to be valuable to it’s readers.

Being “Civilized” really means we mastered the ability to control what our natural instincts compel us to do.  How well each of us is able to control our behavior is a testament to how civilized we are. From the time we are born-we are taught to control our instinctive programming.  As children we learn to ignore our compulsion to hit. The better parents teach their children compulsion control- the better they will be able to control their compulsions as an adult. 

Understanding what drives people to behave the way they do and when it’s likely to occur- allows people to recognize and modify their reaction to it. For example- As a society, we successfully adapted to the negative effects of  women’s menstrual cycle. We learned what to expect and we modify our reaction to the person it’s happening to. The person who’s acting irrational knows whats causing it and they take measures to avoid having it adversely affect others. The same can be done for the behaviors associated with instincts reproductive programming.  

The following is dedicated to the preservation of monogamous relationships. JMorrison


Instinct Programming

The Instinct Program is what drives all living things to survive and reproduce. It controls our behavior on a subconscious level and influences our body chemistry. And just as human’s physical form hasn’t changed in thousands of years, the Instinctive Program hasn’t either. It’s purpose is to get the job done in a way that ensures survival of the species.

Ideal reproduction requires diversity in gene combination.And since producing children with different parent combinations is the most effective way to achieve diversity, that’s what our Instinctive Program drives us to do. Monogamy, marriage, and producing more than one child from each partner all conflict with the Programs purpose.

If we expect people to conform to living within a socially acceptable standard that directly conflicts with our instinctive programming- (monogamy and marriage) we have to teach them how to recognize and control the compulsions caused by their programming.

Being “compelled” is experienced differently by everyone. Even within the same person- no two experiences are the same. With everyone- the strength of the compulsion can range from entirely subconscious- where you simply find yourself doing things that “are not like you” to feeling like nothing else matters- you are completely driven.

What It Makes People Do

Instinctive Programming manifests it’s drive for reproductive diversity thru strongly compelling both male and female to do different actions that follow a predictable schedule. This is a description of the different things both men and women are compelled to do and the pattern in which commonly occurs. Most of what we are compelled to do is experienced subconsciously -visible only to us as behavior or thoughts that seem irrational, destructive to your relationship or that go against what you believe in.

The compulsions described below represents those that are likely to interfere with the success of long term relationships. The Instinctive Program’s reason behind the compulsion is provided below each group of compulsions. It’s not meant to justify the behavior- but rather  to explain the instinctive purpose of the compulsion.

For the purpose of clear reading- the word “compelled” means “compelled by Instinctive Programming”

The pattern of compulsion

  • Women are compelled to have sex with a man during the 3 days leading up to ovulation. She is compelled to go find a man if she is single. She is compelled to wear less clothing during this time. She is compelled to not use birth control- even though she thought she didn’t want kids yet- during sex she will think she does.

Reason: She needs to attract a man enough to have sex with him- without birth control so she will become pregnant

  • Men are compelled to have sex all the time. When he does find someone willing to have sex- he will feel strongly attracted to her and be compelled to provide for her. He focuses all his attention on her.

Reason: His job is to impregnate as many women as possible-as quickly as possible-moving on to the next as soon as pregnancy is confirmed with the one he’s “mating” with now. More sexually driven men approach the task differently- they have sex with as many women as physically possible on a daily basis where success is achieved by increased odds. 

  • Appetites for both food and sex increases. They are compelled to stay home rather than go out. (content with staying home with each other)
    Sexual endurance increases for the man. Both experience increased endorphins which they interpret as being in love

Reason:  It’s all about creating the perfect conditions for getting her pregnant then keeping her pregnant.

  • He is compelled to keep her with him. Acts a little possessive. Feels compelled to keep other guys away from her. This lasts about 3 months.

Reason: To insure that he is the one who impregnates her,  and to keep her safe during the impregnating process.

  • At the first sign of morning sickness- they are both compelled to get away from each other. Both feel like they need some space. She dislikes being touched. He feels smothered . If allowed- they will part ways for good. If she does not show signs of pregnancy he will likely fell compelled to move on if he meets someone who physically appears
    to be ready to ovulate.

Reason: His job is to impregnate her. Morning sickness confirms he succeeded. (rarely do women miscarry after 3 months) For her- staying with him- continuing to have sex with him could risk the baby in the early months- so its in the best interest of the baby to get away from the guy. For diversity- she will be compelled to have each child from a different father. He will always be compelled to have sex with women who are “ripe” for pregnancy.

  • Starting at around 6-8 months pregnant- women are once again compelled to be around men but not for sex. She’s compelled to place herself in his care.  Will also be compelled to prepare a place for the baby.”nesting instincts”.

Reason:  During the last months of pregnancy and the first 6 months of her baby’s life- she needs to find a provider and protector to entrust her self to.
Obtaining a care taker ensures she and her newborn will survive.

  • Men- strangers- find themselves very compelled to protect and take care of pregnant women who appear ready to give birth. They are compelled to provide them with shelter (When women are in their 3rd trimester- they get proposed to by total strangers all the time) The man takes pride in providing for her and her infant. The woman welcomes it.

Reason: Instinct programing causes men to provide for women when it’s necessary.  Being that it doesn’t need to be the baby’s father- the compulsion is triggered by any women’s pregnant appearance. Due to the fact that all her attention will be focused on the infant- he will not loose his compulsion to find a different woman to impregnate.

  • Around the time the infant is 6 months old she will feel STRONGLY compelled to get away from him. The woman will want nothing to do with men for the next 3-4 months.

Reason: At around 6 months giving birth and you nurse like nature intended- you typically start to become fertile again but it’s vital that she not become pregnant until her baby starts being able to start eating. Being pregnant and nursing only is more than her body can effectively handle. So her programming makes her protect herself from becoming pregnant again by not being around any men.

  • When her baby reaches 9- 10 months old- she will suddenly be compelled to have another baby. The craving will be the strongest when her current baby is between 9 and 14 months old.
  • Men are strongly attracted to women with 10 month old babies.

Reason: The natural reproduction cycle for a woman is to have a baby every 18-24 months. For hundreds of years- before birth control existed- children were consistently born an average of 20 months apart. The only way this is possible is that women refused sex for 9-14 months following their baby’s birth. Only in modern times do we see babies being born 10 months apart.


We are taught to control our behavior. To not act on our compulsions. This only works if we know its a compulsion. And why we are experiencing it.

Think about how many relationships started out fantastic- but after 3 months- the feelings are gone. So many pregnant women break up with the baby’s father soon after finding out they are pregnant- then show up back in their lives just to dump them again when the baby turns 6 months old- The guy feels used- the girl doesn’t understand why- because to her it wasn’t intentional-(tho it was) On the same token- girls feel like the guy is ditching them because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for the baby- but its really because his brain told him to move on.

Cheating occurs because being monogamous isn’t natural. It goes against the program- and the program is designed to over rule rational thinking. Being married and pushed away during the middle of pregnancy and again for 4 months when the baby is little- will leave him more likely to act on his compulsion to impregnate other women. Married women are notorious for cheating right when their baby is 10 mos old. It’s not because they don’t love their husband- its because she’s driven to get pregnant from a different man.

Knowing why these behaviors happen makes it possible to see it in ourselves- to stop our selves. To point it out to each other. It allows us to say “hey- are you feeling compelled to….?” It’s not your fault- this is why it’s happening. And they can make the effort to stop themselves.

There is always going to be variations to the way this all gets played out- This paper describes the most commonly observed behaviors.


This original publication reflects the collective research performed exclusively by JMorrison. Copyright protected. Published on September 17,2012.

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