FOREX Critical information ALL INVESTORS should know!!!


The goal of this blog is to expose to the public that the FOREX trading market is now a program written and controlled by the brokers themselves.  I scour the internet for proof and post whatever I can find. 

  • Information copied and pasted is in black text.                       
  • Text written by me is blue and italicized.                                     
  •  Important details are in bold and or in CAPS. 
  • vital information is in  RED

(There are a few older posts I need to color code this way) 

____________________The Basics:_____________________

It doesn’t mater if you’ve been trading for 10-15 years or started last week-The entire business of trading anything has recently COMPLETELY CHANGED from real to an online game.

People are being led to believe they are trading on accounts that trade on the Foreign Exchange. Its a lie. No one in the USA with less than 10million in assets is trading on the Foreign Exchange. (1)

The brokers are your counter party. They hired someone to write the trading platform for them. The platform program is automated with the ability to be adjusted at will by the broker while you trade. If you happen to outsmart the program on a trade- not to worry- they can adjust the numbers after the fact. The only way you make money is if they loose it. They aren’t in business to loose money- therefore they will do whatever necessary to assure that you never profit off of them- Breaking even isn’t an option either… THEIR JOB IS TO TAKE THE MONEY YOU DEPOSITED. Your deposit is their source of income.

The following statement is in the broker rules on the NFA (National Futures Association) website.


(1) “For our purposes, a customer is any party to a forex trade who is
not an eligible contract participant as defined in the Act. This
includes individuals with assets of less than $10 million and most small businesses.”

 Followed by:

· As used in this Guide, forex transactions are leveraged off-exchange foreign currency transactions where one party is a customer (as defined in the previous bullet),


except that the term does not include transactions that result in actual delivery within two days or that create an enforceable obligation to deliver between parties who are capable of making and taking delivery for business purposes.

(so…..real transactions are no longer FOREX transactions?)



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