Dog License fee, Hobby Lobby and 1st amendment right not to pay it.

The Humane Society euthanizes over 5 million cats and dogs a year. The actual number is unknown because they aren’t even required to keep count. Most the animals killed are healthy adoptable animals. They claim its due to lack of space in the shelters. Well- they jacked the price to adopt an animal up so high- no one can afford to adopt any of them. Any animal not adopted in 7 days is put down. In kitten season- entire litters are put down due to surplus.

What they do goes against everything I believe in. And when they came by demanding I pay $50 for a dog license- and tell me the money is used to support their animal control services- better believe I don’t want to pay it!

Helping my daughter do homework on the Virgina Statute of religious freedom- I discovered that I dont have to financially support that which goes against my personal beliefs. And Hobby Lobby established that this right trumps government mandates. I will use this right to exempt myself from the dog licensing program.


Dear Humane Society,
I_______________________ hereby enact my first amendment right to not  financially support, by means of dog licensing fees, the collector of this support, The Humane Society, whom uses the monies collected to fund the euthanizing of healthy, adoptable animals: a practice that goes against my religious and personal beliefs. By virtue of this right, I exempt myself from the dog licensing program until such time as the Humane Society ceases to euthanize healthy adoptable animals.

Signed ___________________________  Date


The law states:
“That no man shall be compelled (required) to support any religious worship, place (Humaine Society) or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced (forced), restrained (sent to jail), molested, or burdened in his body or goods (take away my dog), nor shall otherwise suffer (fine me), on account of his religious opinions or beliefs”

Legal finding:
Hobby Lobby established that our individual first amendment rights trump legal mandates (government enforced medical plans… government enforced dog licensing) Just as Hobby Lobby retained the right to not support killing of fetuses, I retain the right to not support killing adoptable animals.

Historical facts:

Dog licensing was established to build a fund that compensated ranchers for sheep killed by unlicensed dogs and it made it permissible to kill any dog found without a license as it was a threat to livestock. This reasoning makes sense. That was a long time ago- there are no sheep being killed by stray dogs. The money isnt being used to compensate those who’s property has been damaged by stray animals. Somewhere over the years- the need for dog licensing ceased and it became a way to make millions of dollars to use however they pleased. They could care less about saving animals. They renamed their services “animal control” They keep people away by making adoption prices too high to pay. They have become a slaughter house. There is nothing Humane about what they are doing.

What they could do different:

The money collected could be used exclusively to spay, neuter and house all healthy animals until they are adopted- reducing the cost of cat and dog adoption to a maximum of $20. Healthy Ferrel cats should be spay/neutered and released back to where they were taken from.

Why are cats and dogs required to live with a human? Humans keep many animals as pets- yet no other species of pets is collected and killed for the simple fact that they don’t appear to be “owned” by someone. Don’t Cats and Dogs have a right to live in the wild? Humane Society’s argument is they’re starving- therefore suffering- thus killing them is the humane thing to do- because it ends their suffering.But if they truly believes that euthanizing members of a species: who are starving and unable to feed themselves, is the right thing to do- then killing off starving and homeless people would also be the humane thing to do.


Being in the wild doesnt automatically equate to a state of suffering. Much less a condition so grave that death is an improvement to their life. Personally – most Ferrel cats I see appear to be doing just fine. Healthy. well fed, and bothering no one. Killing them shouldn’t be tolerated.

Join me in refusing to pay dog license fees.


Story of Discovery

My name is Janna. I’m the only person in the world who has succeeded in finding a way for a mother to have actual 2 way conversations with her fetus.(unborn baby)

I tried telling research collages and groups over the years but pretty much no one believes me. I used to try think of ways I could profit off of teaching women how to do it but I have since decided its far too important to limit the ability to do this to those with money,

Every single woman in the world needs to know how to communicate with their fetus because it’s the only way peoples perception of fetal intelligence will change. The current understanding is way off.

A fetus at 38 weeks has the comprehension of a 3 yr old. I obsessively studied child psychology, human development, social psychology and everything to do with how infants/children are effected by everyone around them- starting with how their mother feels about being pregnant with them. I later realized all the schooling I went to was really about preparing me for the kind of children the ability to communicate produces.

Does being able to communicate make a noticeable difference in how our children turn out? Absolutely!

Long Term Results:
I’ve witnessed it first hand -long term. My son is now 22 and my daughter is 16.  Both of them are unlike any of the children they attended school with. Their whole life- all I ever hear is how incredible my kids are. How mature. How well behaved. Are they perfect? Of course not! But I can tell you this- both kids rarely cried as infants as children- Why?  because I was able to tell what their needs were by their body language.

My son started talking at 4 months old. Knew his alphabet, numbers, colors, and had started to read before he was 3- and I’m not one of those mom’s that tried to teach him these things- He picked them up on his own thru my constantly telling him everything about everything. At 1 year old we pulled up to a red light- he noticed the walk/don’t walk signal> I explained how it all worked- the light would turn red- the man flashing meant it was time to cross- and when it switched to the red hand- it was peoples turn to stop- and the light would turn green for the cars- and so on- He just listened. It was never mentioned again. a year later we pull up to the same intersection- out of the blue he proceeded to tell me exactly what I had told him about how it all works.

I married my son’s father 3 months after he was born- trying to do the right thing. It ruined the relationship and after a year I started thinking about ending it. I’ve always talked to my children as tho they were adults(stuck in babies body- unable to move easily and unable to talk right) I gave them the benefit of the doubt and gave them the same respect I would give someone my own age. I never talked baby talk to them- and rarely withheld information from them. That said- I discussed getting divorced with my son- telling him I was worried about it causing harm to him- saying I’d stay together if it meant he would be ok- His response was to say “don’t worry- I’m going to be fine either way. You need to make you be happy- and if it means not staying with my dad- it’s ok with me.I don’t mind” He was 18 months old. At 2 1/2 he took the stanford bennit intelligence test and was given an IQ score of 122. They thought he was 3. He was enrolled in Montessori preschool for 3 days then they transferred him to kindergarten.At age 4 they were prepared to place him in 1st grade- but I rejected it.

My daughter could roll across a room to a toy she wanted at 3 months and 3 days old. When I told my pediatrician- he told me I needed therapy because 3 month old babies can’t roll over- much less roll across a room. So- I took her to his office and showed him! That pretty much describes her life. She does what she wants- regardless of her age.

Sitting up by herself at just a couple months old Image

Self Confident
Very early one morning (4:30 am) to the smell of eggs cooking- I was stunned to discover her sitting in the kitchen sink cooking an egg for herself on the hot plate burner! With only a nightlight for light- she managed to climb up on the counter – and up the cabinets to get down the Hot plate. Managed to Plug it in- and turn it on. She even had butter in the pan. I have no idea how she broke the egg into the pan with only 1 piece of shell in it. She did ALL this  All this without me ever showing her how to do any of it!

I thought she was too young to teach to cook – after all- She was only18 months old! I asked her- “what cha doing?” she replied “makin eggs- want some?” In her mind- what she was doing was logical. She was hungry- and set about making something to eat.

She even once asked my mother if she could borrow her car to go to the store- when asked if she could drive- she would say- of course! A neighbor friend would work the petals while she controlled the wheel- perfectly steering his big car down his driveway and into his garage. She was 3. In 4th grade- she took one look at how the mom’s were running her then 8th grade brothers concession booth at his may day festival- walked over and took over. She organized who was to do what- moving the 3 moms from taking orders to filling orders- and she ran the counter by her self. The crazy part is the adults all listened to her. Her self confidence and maturity made people believe in her- and she stepped up to the plate and proved she knew what she was doing.

Did all this unusual advanced behavior come from being able to communicate from before birth? I’m sure of it.

She held her head up within days after birth. Walked at 8 1/2 months. Ran by 9.

Communication from pre-birth provides you with the understanding of just how developed their thinking process is by the time they are born. Honestly- the way we treat our infants and toddlers is like an insult to their intelligence. Imagine if you were who you are right now on the inside- suddenly born into an infants body. How frustrated would you feel- trying to get your limbs to do what you want them to do- trying to make that mouth shape the words?

When you realize that’s basically what they are- a mature mind- just lacking life experience. I treated my kids with the same respect as I would a friend. I respected their objections and desire for things as an independent person from birth- and they grew up behaving differently than we’re told to expect.
Will power that’s ignored or punished as an infant messes with their sense of self. As a society- we treat our infants like they are brainless lumps that need to be controlled. Given boundaries. My kids never needed to have rules around the house.