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LAPD LAX parking racketeering – More Evidence? 99th & Hindry Ave and Glasgow Pl.

The following photos are viewable by everyone using Google maps. Type in 99th and Hindry Ave. Go into street view and look down by Glasgow Pl. Parked onImage the side right where the street starts is both a patrol car AND an  LAX partrol car. Together on the same street- just 1 block down from 99th,  where the cars are left parked on the side of the street.

Why would either car be there. Notice that the cop car is parked facing the wrong way and too close to the intersection.

Move to up by 99th and look down 99th street. There are no buildings there- yet cars are parked along there. The dark red car lacks a california lic plate.

While they can’t quite be read- there are signs along both 99th and Hindry- While ones near the end of streets typically mark the stretch where parking is allowed. Those in the middle of such a stretch usually limit how long you may park there.

I’m going to go down and check it all out. Maybe do a stake out. I reported this all to Fox News but they haven’t broken the story yet.