As a teen someone gave me 40 gal fish tank. I used it for everything. Display case, pet rat house, subdivided fighting fish condo, tropical fish tank and baby fish nursery.  I got my first 70 gallon about 10 years ago to accommodate the .22 cent feeder gold fish that grew to over 10″.  By 8 years later- I had 9 tanks and several thousand fish.

Being a “fish breeder”  started when I got a 1 gal tank with 5 guppies in it for my daughter. The morning after I got them- we discovered a female guppy had died- but not before giving birth to a zillion babies!  The remaining 4 adult fish were eating them fast- but I still managed to rescue 70 babies! (normal drop averages around 15 at a time) I scored another 70 gallon tank soon after to house them and by a year later- they had multiplied into over 2000 fish.

Lucky for me a family friend owned a fish store and were happy to take as many as I would produce. For the next 4 years -I supplied them with over 200 fish a month -trading them for filters, food, and other fish keeping supplies. Soon- I supplied 2 fish stores. During those 4 years- I did a lot of selective breeding and created guppies with giant fan tails in every color possible. I saved up all the fish that didn’t have the giant tails and used them to stock the small ponds at a popular park for Easter Sunday. Catching fish there has been a tradition for generations. I just made it more fun. Red sward tails are what normally was there. By the day after- the 500+ fish would be gone.  I only hope some made it into a proper tank and survived!


I was alwDSCN1834ays fond of fighting fish and kept hearing about people breeding them.  I decided to give it a try and discovered what a long term project it was to even raise 1 batch to old enough to sell. 8 months of changing the water in dozens of cups.  I highly recommend against breeding fighting fish unless you know what you will do with the babies once they grow. I had a place to sell them- what you don’t want is to get stuck with 27 adults all needing to live in their own container!




Moving to a new area- the water was different and the guppies failed to grow properly.DSCN5422

Right at that same time- my albino corey cat fish suddenly laid eggs for the first time in years and thus began 3 years of being a corey cat fish breeder.



While raising the catfish in my annex- in my kitchen I was raising Butterfly Koi.  They are a lot of fun to watch grow- but they have to be placed in a large pond by age 3 – when they reach about 14″.




At one point- the yellow and white one (pictured here) died. I was able to bring her back to life- and donated her to a pond where everyone is able to see her.



This blog will talk about these different experiences in detail.



  1. Peter McBride

    I came across your blog today while looking at Forex scam stories and noticed you have raised fighting fish. By coincidence, my fighter, who had been sick and closing in on heaven’s gate, is officially missing as of today. Can’t find him anywhere in his tank. Guess he took a leap of faith and found a hiding place in a non watery place. Keep up the good work!

    • noiqscore

      Late reply…. Sorry about your fighting fish. I recently had a very mean old tiger barb vanish from a 1 gal tank. Never found (or smelled) his body. As for fighting fish – they are actually known for jumping out of their tanks! I highly recommend housing them in the one gallon tanks that have a cover and a filtration system. (sold for $10-$12 at Wal Mart) fighting fish are hyper sensitive to bad water. They are very curious fish that love to explore and LOVE to hunt prey. For a happy existence.. buy live brine shrimp and keep them alive in a glass vase with an airstone in it to churn the water. Release maybe 10 at a time into the fighting fishes tank. He will spend the whole day hunting down every single one of them! No other food need be provided- tho a more balanced diet can be achieved by feeding bits of frozen peas once a week. (place 3 kinda thawed peas in clean garlic press- put what comes out into a small screen strainer and rinse to remove mucky stuff that clouds tank- or remove by putting in a cup, add water- stir and pour cloudy water part off) All fish love peas. Fighting fish are 10 mos old when you buy them. Max life span is 4 years. Life span when kept in a little cup? 6 mos. I keep mine in my 40 gal tropical tank. They get along great with all but tiger barbs- the barbs attack them.

  2. Eve

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    • noiqscore

      If it goes viral – it may put my life at risk for revealing the truth. Based on the number of views- i believe enough people are reading it to spread the word. Main thing is those seekibg the truth are able to have a source of information at all. I’m not out to get known. I’m here to try save a few people from loosing money to the worlds biggest scam.

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