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The appearance of ‘Aging’ skin isn’t natural. It’s caused by a bacteria/virus we contract as children.

The following has not been accepted by the medical board because they have been brainwashed by their teachers – who teach them the conclusions made by doctors a hundred years ago are facts.  It’s made today’s doctors and scientists close minded to new discoveries. What follows is what I discovered 8 years ago on my self and on over 200 other people. It’s very real. It’s causing our skin to loose the ability to protect it’s self from the damaging rays of our sun. It needs to be researched, identified and cured.

It’s vital that we get someone to accept this as the truth – so a cure can be found. It’s not a parasite or “bug”.  It’s likely a mild strain of flesh eating bacteria- since it behaves similarly. However it could also be a fungus or plant based hitch hiker as its geometric pattern suggests.

If anyone out there is open minded enough to look into this- I’ll gladly share my 8 years of research with you. Something needs to be done about this. I believe the damage it’s causing allows skin cancer to form- since it causes freckles to appear. I can tell you- it’s very hard to treat.


All the visible features of skin we currently associate with aging – such as sun damage, loose skin (detached from layers below)thinning,surface micro wrinkles, discoloration, surface scaring, appearance of freckles,and the loss of the fatty layer just beneath the surface -are all preventable because they are being caused by something we become infected with as children.

It migrates around our body at a rate of about 6″ a year following a repeated directional pattern or path of movement- causing further damage with each pass. It doesn’t directly cause sun damage etc- it destroys the skins ability to protect it’s self from the sun. It lives in the fatty layer of our skin and erodes it as it migrates thru it.

I have no idea what it is- bacterial or viral- I just know it leaves behind a barely visible 6 sided ‘scar’ about 2″ across(made up of smaller 6 sided shapes- all with an irregular circle in the middle)that repeats along a path around 2.5″ wide.  Freckles always appear along the edges of the path of migration (look closely at anyone’s back, arms, stomach)The skin inside of the 6 sided shape appears flatter, slightly sunken in- with a slight puckered edge. When it’s crossing sensitive areas like the inside of the thigh- bruising often appears along the leading edge. Within the path- the skin in older people has unidirectional fine wrinkles. In the last year- it mutated from a path of individual 6 sided shapes around 3/4″ across to a path of larger 6 sided shapes made up of the smaller 6 sided shapes.

To see it for your self- place hands 5″ apart sideways on your thigh(with the space between going left to right- push hands together slightly and move in opposite directions like 1/4th inch (like indian rug burn style) look for where skin naturally creases when pushed together- move to another area- do it again- you’ll notice it runs in 3 rows across front of thighs. Another way to be able to see it is on the underside of your fore arms- hold one arm out facing hand up- use other hand to pull skin tight- by twisting skin on arm to the outside- it exposes what looks like cellulite along the under side of your arm – look closer at the puckering and fatty lumps- the form the 6 sided shapes- Your seeing the damage it causes.

I’ve been researching this for over 8 years- identifying it on over 200 people (all but 2 people had it- one was a baby) I’ve documented it with lots of photographs- and tried telling every science organization/school I could think of- I have yet to have any believe me. What I need is someone who knows biology and viruses to identify which it is. I’m thinking distant relative of the flesh eating bacteria- but that’s a random guess.

Treatment:  Antibiotics, anti fungal,and anti bacteria medications taken orally for infection had no effect on it.  The only treatment that stopped its progress for 3 months per treatment was a topical serum for plumping girls lips that contained an acid they claimed reacted with the under layers of the skins tissue. They pulled it off the market for being too strong-(caused non lip tissue to have burning sensation)

On kids- the migration of whatever-it-is up the spine causes both surface pain and bruising.

The dermatologist I tried to show refused to look at my skin without the giant magnifying glass- you can’t see it from up close- it’s most visible looking at a distance of at least a foot away- All 3 assistants not only were able to see it- they found it on them selves as well.

The problem is educated people were told what they’re looking at=this. They take it as a fact. It takes someone who has no training (and a brain with hyper ability to observe and process what they are observing) to see something the trained people never noticed. They never bothered to step back and look from a distance- cuz it’s really easy to see once you identify the first time- suddenly you see it on everyone.

visible outline of one of the 6 sided shapes on skin. It’s a few shades darker than skin around it