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Dog License fee, Hobby Lobby and 1st amendment right not to pay it.

The Humane Society euthanizes over 5 million cats and dogs a year. The actual number is unknown because they aren’t even required to keep count. Most the animals killed are healthy adoptable animals. They claim its due to lack of space in the shelters. Well- they jacked the price to adopt an animal up so high- no one can afford to adopt any of them. Any animal not adopted in 7 days is put down. In kitten season- entire litters are put down due to surplus.

What they do goes against everything I believe in. And when they came by demanding I pay $50 for a dog license- and tell me the money is used to support their animal control services- better believe I don’t want to pay it!

Helping my daughter do homework on the Virgina Statute of religious freedom- I discovered that I dont have to financially support that which goes against my personal beliefs. And Hobby Lobby established that this right trumps government mandates. I will use this right to exempt myself from the dog licensing program.


Dear Humane Society,
I_______________________ hereby enact my first amendment right to not  financially support, by means of dog licensing fees, the collector of this support, The Humane Society, whom uses the monies collected to fund the euthanizing of healthy, adoptable animals: a practice that goes against my religious and personal beliefs. By virtue of this right, I exempt myself from the dog licensing program until such time as the Humane Society ceases to euthanize healthy adoptable animals.

Signed ___________________________  Date


The law states:
“That no man shall be compelled (required) to support any religious worship, place (Humaine Society) or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced (forced), restrained (sent to jail), molested, or burdened in his body or goods (take away my dog), nor shall otherwise suffer (fine me), on account of his religious opinions or beliefs”

Legal finding:
Hobby Lobby established that our individual first amendment rights trump legal mandates (government enforced medical plans… government enforced dog licensing) Just as Hobby Lobby retained the right to not support killing of fetuses, I retain the right to not support killing adoptable animals.

Historical facts:

Dog licensing was established to build a fund that compensated ranchers for sheep killed by unlicensed dogs and it made it permissible to kill any dog found without a license as it was a threat to livestock. This reasoning makes sense. That was a long time ago- there are no sheep being killed by stray dogs. The money isnt being used to compensate those who’s property has been damaged by stray animals. Somewhere over the years- the need for dog licensing ceased and it became a way to make millions of dollars to use however they pleased. They could care less about saving animals. They renamed their services “animal control” They keep people away by making adoption prices too high to pay. They have become a slaughter house. There is nothing Humane about what they are doing.

What they could do different:

The money collected could be used exclusively to spay, neuter and house all healthy animals until they are adopted- reducing the cost of cat and dog adoption to a maximum of $20. Healthy Ferrel cats should be spay/neutered and released back to where they were taken from.

Why are cats and dogs required to live with a human? Humans keep many animals as pets- yet no other species of pets is collected and killed for the simple fact that they don’t appear to be “owned” by someone. Don’t Cats and Dogs have a right to live in the wild? Humane Society’s argument is they’re starving- therefore suffering- thus killing them is the humane thing to do- because it ends their suffering.But if they truly believes that euthanizing members of a species: who are starving and unable to feed themselves, is the right thing to do- then killing off starving and homeless people would also be the humane thing to do.


Being in the wild doesnt automatically equate to a state of suffering. Much less a condition so grave that death is an improvement to their life. Personally – most Ferrel cats I see appear to be doing just fine. Healthy. well fed, and bothering no one. Killing them shouldn’t be tolerated.

Join me in refusing to pay dog license fees.