All FCM entities registered as RFED are simulated trading brokers. They trade off-exchange. FACTS, PROOF

NOTICE: new live account minimum changed from 10 million to 100 million!!

Welcome to my blog! 

There’s a lot of information presented in here- this opening page is here to introduce you to whats going on.  I highly recommend looking at the RECENT ENTRIES for the most current information.

The bottom line is this:  All “FOREX Trading” is now simulated which means it’s not real. It’s an online game that uses gaming platforms. All accounts with less than ten million (another source says 150 million) are traded on this way. It’s bad because your trading against a computer program designed to take your money- not people, investors or banks. 

FACT: The US industry regulators (CFTC and the NFA) changed the definition of the term FOREX (and FX) and forex trading from “on-exchange” to “off-Exchange”   Brokers were able to hide the fact they’d switched from real Forex trading to using “simulated” trading platform programs. Because the definition was changed- they were able to label this new form of trading “Forex Trading”. It violates the federal false representation laws.

The difference between the two? Trading in a real environment means your success is partially up to chance and relied on your learned understanding of how markets move. With a simulated system thats controlled by the broker at all times- There is nothing left to chance- No sudden market swings that you predicted would occur. In fact- if you do score a winning trade- they are allowed to adjust the numbers to reduce the amount of your gain.

These trading platform programs are designed to react to your trading activities- moving the charts as needed to achieve the goal of the broker- to acquire your funds. Brokers are able to manually adjust the programs while your trading.
Can you still make a profit? YES however- its much much harder. I’m a prodigy at trading and I used to be able to double any test account (with at least 25k in it) over night. Now- I can clear maybe 7k on a 50k test account(overnight) Takes me a full week to double an account. You have to wait out the down swings- it will always come back- that’s the advantage of a computer generated market movement- it has act real- and plays it safe. No massive swings fail to come back. DO NOT TRADE WITH LESS THAN 50 K!


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So… Why should you believe what I say? First- I have nothing to gain by writing this blog- I’m doing it by my self, for free, because someone had to do something about everyone getting scammed.  Credentials?  I’m a certified paralegal. I specializes in legal research. I find legal flaws in court cases. I’m pretty intelligent (tho as you might notice- I cannot spell well- my mind doesn’t see it)  My IQ is higher than can be assigned a score (based on certified full battery testing done by a state agency, 2002)  Business manager for most my life- and  the one that really matters- I’m a trading prodigy. I’m known for having turned  50k test accounts into 2 million in 2 days- 8 times in a row about 7 years ago.  It was the first time I’d ever traded in my life. But- maybe it’s in my blood-  My grandmother’s father happens to be Arthur P Heinze, brother of Augustus Heinze and Otto Heinze. (New York) They are the copper mine brothers who caused the financial scare of  1907. Her mother- Ruth, was the daughter of the well known banker, John Noyes.  Seems fitting that I be the one that exposes the biggest scam the nation has ever seen.

I’m also doing this blog out of anger at the industry for taking away my chance to make any money with my unique ability. I never got a chance to trade a real account.


Current trading environment

The current trading environment:
  • Banks are connected with each other.
  • Brokers for accounts with over 100 million (new amount)  are connected to the banks and to each other.
  • Brokers for accounts with less than 100 million are not connected with banks or each other.
  • Retail Traders aren’t connected with anyone but the platform they are trading on.
  • Retail traders are trading against a gaming program- not against other traders.
Trading platforms and  simulated trading 
The difference between the old platforms and the current platforms is how it’s being used.  The original platforms were strictly data pushers used to pass numbers back and forth with reliable accuracy and record of the transaction. Just like paying for something with your pay pal account:  It processes the numbers and transfers the money for you. 
Trading platforms for the over 10 million dollar accounts function as order transfer processors – same as before
Trading platforms for the smaller “retail” accounts are no longer a tool that a broker uses to transfer orders back and forth between people. Your orders are not sent to any bank or other traders. It’s an all in one programs that runs your trading against a simulated trading program. There’s no counter party.  It’s just like playing on line slots. You put real money in an account and virtually pull the lever and see if you win. You know its rigged to make you loose. So are the trading platforms. (You didn’t loose your touch in the last 5 years- they just started cheating).Y
our playing against a machine that’s designed to adjust the action based on every move you make. The Broker’s job became babysitting a computer hub- monitoring the platform performance- watching for program glitches.
The trading platforms are programmed to cause you to do 2 things
  • Add more money to your account (by letting you win up to double your initial investment. It’s psychology) and  
  • Cause you to loose your entire fund.
How do I know all this? 
3 years ago I was asked to trade a million dollar charity fund. Contracts were signed. Then just days before the account was funded I was talking to a CEO at FXCM who suddenly told me “don’t trade the account””you’ll loose everything” He explained the whole set up to me in detail- the most important information being this:
Since FXCM started using the trading platforms -not one single customer has ever walked away with one cent of their money. They have paid out NOTHING. He’s the one who told me they created a system of allowing customers to profit easily as long as they leave the money in the account- (FXCM collects the interest on all accounts) As soon as they try to withdraw any of it- they turn the market against them and cause them to loose their whole account  AND even causing them to owe money to FXCM. He said- they never ever fail to achieve total loss- its what the program does.  While it sucks that the industry has become so corrupt- I’m forever grateful for him telling me the truth.
What happens?
If your holding a winning position , the fake market will suddenly move in the other direction- very quickly- to eliminate the gain. The broker  can adjust the program to avoid set profit limits- always turning right before the trigger point. Stop loss limits are intentionally hit to scoop the money. (Do NOT set stop loss limits.Wait it out if possible)
The fluid market
Does’t exist. There is no actual people pushing the prices up an down- No thin, No thick.  The chart movement is generated by a program that uses current stock market prices, past chart movement patterns and movement controls to generate an algorithm that drives the movement feeds. The goal is to produce a chart pattern that seems to mimic the live stock market conditions- but watch it closely and you will notice that the movement follows you.  If you place a big order way out- in the wrong direction- it will spike to fill them- then crash to blow your margin.  Put in stops- it will hit them every time. Put in order limits- and it will always just miss them- or fail to trigger them- then crash drastically.
How to outsmart the program:
  • DON”T follow any regular trading pattern- it will learn it and use it against you!
  • NEVER use bot traders– they are programmed to work together with the platforms to make you loose.
  • buy and sell the biggest lot size possible that leave you 1/2 your margin.
  • Dont be greedy- Minute trade (scalp) large lot sized – hold til your ahead by 3-12 pips then get out. Once you clear a few trades you will have to get out at 9 pips.
  • Only trade highly active pairs- moving at lease 7 pips per zig zag.
  • Do look at every pair in 30 minute view compressed till you can see at least a full year. This will show you what position to take for holding longer amounts of time.
  • ALWAYS hold positions in 2 sets of pairs at the same time- that move opposite of each other. This prevents the program from moving the market away from you because it will cause your other pair to gain.
  • Stay in front of your computer and manually enter and close trades
***ALL ACCOUNTS WITH LESS THAN 10 MILLION IN ASSETS ARE NOW TRADED OFF-EXCHANGE*****____________________________________________________________________________
Any trader who searches for information on Google or Bing will come up with the answers I posted below. They explain forex the way it used to be. Not as it is now.  This old information is keeping thousands of traders from knowing they are playing an online game.
The truth is only found on the NFA website and only if you dig deep.  Here is the link to read it in detail for yourself-
It clearly states that
  • All traders and businesses with less than 10,000 million in assets is labeled a “Customer.”
  • “Customers” trade the “Retail Market” “OTC”
  •  The “Retail Market” is only traded Off-Exchange
  • On all Off-Exchange transactions, the broker acts as the only counter party.
  • That they can only claim “no slippage” if they dont have access rights to adjust the price orders were closed at- after the ordered was executed.
The following definitions came from wipikidia and Investopedia. The 3rd definition is thru the UK. You can tell they basically copied what the the other page said.
What they describe is what most traders think they are doing-  You think your using a trading platform to trade on the Interbank trade network.  Your trading all by your self against a computer game programmed to make you loose.
NOTE:  only BLUE italicized text is written by me- all the rest is directly copied, in full, from the source listed below each section
Spot markets: Also known as the organized or OTC (over the counter) market.(old meaning of “over the counter” transactions) This is made up of cash market is known as the publish financial markets where financial tradable instruments and/or commodities are traded for immediate delivery. The spot market prices are individually agreed between the parties and therefore the prices are usually not published. The spot markets entails a two day delivery period in order to move cash from one bank to the other. The online forex trading markets is usually comprised of the spot markets as trading is purely speculative driven and transactions are done on the spot.
Forward markets: The forward markets is over the counter financial markets that deal in the CFD’s or contracts for differences for future delivery. Forward markets are also known as forward contracts and are personalized between the buyer and seller which includes the delivery time and amount which is usually determined at the time of the transaction. (old meaning of “over the counter” transactions)
Due to the fact that the forex market is decentralized, banks set their own bid and ask prices taking into account any anticipated currency fluctuations that might take place. It is safe to say that the forex market is actually made up of market makers due to the fact that banks have their own price quotes. Large scale banks such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citigroup handle large volumes of currency transactions and it is due to the movement of this volume which is the primary driver of the currency prices, especially in a short term perspective. Of course, there are other factors that influence the Interbank exchange rates such as hedge funds, smaller banks and online forex brokers and traders. (this is no longer true)
How do forex traders fit into the bigger game
Forex traders make money by purchasing one currency and selling another currency. The difference in the bid and ask price of these currencies is how profits are made. Therefore, forex traders are familiar with the term, buy low sell high. Forex traders make their profits by the fluctuations in the currency prices as cited above. ECN Forex broker\  It is because of the interbank forex markets that ECN forex traders get to see pricing where in most cases the spreads are almost zero.
Read more
NFA supporting their lie:
NFA definition of on vs off exchange
SOME foreign currency contracts are traded off exchange? they make it sound like it happens occasionally instead of  100%  of the time for all retail customers with less than 10 million in assets.
ALL simulated trading groups have to be registered as a FCM. Therefore,
ALL RFED FCM  registered entities ARE TRADING ON GAMING SYSTEMS. Not the real foreign exchange.  If you want the truth about your broker- just ask them- are you FCM registered? If they say yes- CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT unless your willing to loose the money- because these games are programed to ALWAYS make you loose in the end. ALWAYS!! 
OTC  (Over The Counter)= means trading on a gaming system- like online poker against your personal computer- no other real players are involved.   
OFF-EXCHANGE is simulated trading no actual transactions are occurring between you and other traders. You are trading against a computer program written by the individual firm your trading with or against a single RFED simulated trade group hired to acts as the counterparty to all transactions- to avoid having to state that they are their own counterparty.  Done to further trick people.
RETAIL MARKETsimulated trade market that is a virtual game.
(FCM)  Futures Commission Merchant is an entity that solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts, options on futures or retail off-exchange forex contracts* and accepts money or other assets from customers to support such orders.*FCMs that are not primarily and substantially engaged in on-exchange futures business activities must be registered as RFEDs to act as the counterparty to a retail off-exchange forex transaction
(RFED)  Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer  is an entity that acts, or offers to act, as a counterparty to an off-exchange foreign currency transaction with a person who is not an eligible contract participant.
If your trade broker/platform/agent is a RFED it means their primary business is conducted OFF-EXCHANGE and they are acting as the COUNTERPARTY.If they say they aren’t their own counterparty- ask them who it is.  A new trend is to be each other’s counterparty to hide the nature of their business. 
FXCM acts as counterparty for CAPITAL GAIN. Capital Gain acts as the counterparty for  another group.
The risk disclosure of CITIFX spells it out very well-
even if your with someone else- please read this anyway!
copied directly from their website- in full


NEW INFORMATION************2017***************




To view info on each case click here:

January 10, 2017
Vincent Capital Group LLC (Ryan Litfin)
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00009

December 30, 2016
Vincent Capital Group LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00009

December 19, 2016
Avail Trading Corp. and David Manoukian
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00008

December 14, 2016
OKC Trading LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00014

November 2, 2016
The Cambridge Strategy Asset Management Limited
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00013

November 2, 2016
Macro Risk Advisors LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00010

October 14, 2016
Dendrich LTD and Gong Wu
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00006

September 30, 2016
Vankar Trading Corp. and John S. Karvelas
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00004

September 30, 2016
Zulutrade Inc. and Leon Yohai Giochais
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00005

September 30, 2016
Cranwood Capital Management LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00007

April 28, 2016
AK Financial Holdings Inc. and Andi Kim
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00002

March 24, 2016
Tina Mozhayski
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00004

March 22, 2016
Accusigma Corporation and Brent Park
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00001

March 16, 2016
Hollencrest Securities and Peter Joseph Pellizzon
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00033

March 14, 2016
IBFX, Inc. and Herbert L. Walton
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00031

February 26, 2016
Portfolio Managers, Inc. (Thomas G. Heneghan, Christopher M. Hogan and Andrey A. Zhukov)
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00034

February 25, 2016
Portfolio Managers, Inc. and Amanda L. Murphy
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00034

February 24, 2016
TGI Capital Management Limited
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00032

January 26, 2016
CC Trading Company LLC (Christopher J. Craddock)
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00009

January 22, 2016
CC Trading Company LLC
NFA Case Number: 15BCC00009


December 15, 2016
TGI Capital Management Limited
NFA Case Number: 16REG00002


December 30, 2016
Hansa Capital Management LLC and Lothar Ruehling
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00018

December 29, 2016
Kingsview Futures LLC, Joshua M. Lewis and Noel H. Sinclair
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00017

November 15, 2016
Ashley Capital Management Incorporated and Michael P. Pacult
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00016

November 15, 2016
The Barbashop LLC and Ronald T. Barba
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00015

November 1, 2016
OKC Trading LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00014

August 23, 2016
The Cambridge Strategy Asset Management Limited
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00013

August 19, 2016
Ascona Management LLC and Andrew M. Keller
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00012

August 19, 2016
Macro Risk Advisors LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00010

August 19, 2016
Nex Capital Management LLC and Jacob Wohl
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00011

June 30, 2016
Avail Trading Corp. and David Manoukian
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00008

June 30, 2016
Vincent Capital Group LLC and Ryan Litfin
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00009

May 25, 2016
Cranwood Capital Management LLC
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00007

May 24, 2016
Dendrich LTD and Gong Wu
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00006

April 28, 2016
Zulutrade, Inc. and Leon Yohai Giochais
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00005

February 24, 2016
Vankar Trading Corp. and John S. Karvelas
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00004

February 24, 2016
Accusigma Corporation and Brent Park
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00001

February 24, 2016
Samico Worldwide Markets, Inc. and Thomas C. Gasparini
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00003

February 24, 2016
AK Financial Holdings, Inc. and Andi Kim
NFA Case Number: 16BCC00002










RISK DISCLOSURE STATEMENT                 sep 20 2012       

Retail forex transactions involve the leveraged trading of contracts denominated in foreign currency with a national bank as your counterparty. Because of the leverage and the other risks disclosed here, you can rapidly lose all of the funds or property you pledge to the national bank as margin for retail forex trading. You may lose more than you pledge as margin.

If your margin falls below the required amount, and you fail to provide the required additional margin, your national bank is required to liquidate your retail forex transactions. Your national bank cannot apply your retail forex losses to any of your assets or liabilities at the bank other than funds or property that you have pledged as margin for retail forex transactions. However, if you lose more money than you have pledged as margin, the bank may seek to recover that deficiency in an appropriate forum, such as a court of law.

You should be aware of and carefully consider the following points before determining whether retail forex trading is appropriate for you.

  1. Trading is not on a regulated market or exchangeyour national bank is your trading counterparty and has conflicting interests. The retail forex transaction you are entering into is not conducted on an interbank market nor is it conducted on a futures exchange subject to regulation as a designated contract market by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The foreign currency trades you transact are trades with your national bank as the counterparty. When you sell, the national bank is the buyer. When you buy, the national bank is the seller. As a result, when you lose money trading, your national bank is making money on such trades, in addition to any fees, commissions, or spreads the national bank may charge.
  2. An electronic trading platform for retail foreign currency transactions is not an exchange. It is an electronic connection for accessing your national bank. The terms of availability of such a platform are governed only by your contract with your national bank. Any trading platform that you may use to enter into off-exchange foreign currency transactions is only connected to your national bank. You are accessing that trading platform only to transact with your national bank. You are not trading with any other entities or customers of the national bank by accessing such platform. The availability and operation of any such platform, including the consequences of the unavailability of the trading platform for any reason, is governed only by the terms of your account agreement with the national bank.
  3. You may be able to offset or liquidate any trading positions only through your banking entity because the transactions are not made on an exchange or regulated contract market, and your national bank may set its own prices. Your ability to close your transactions or offset positions is limited to what your national bank will offer to you, as there is no other market for these transactions. Your national bank may offer any prices it wishes, including prices derived from outside sources or not in its discretion. Your national bank may establish its prices by offering spreads from third-party prices, but it is under no obligation to do so or to continue to do so. Your national bank may offer different prices to different customers at any point in time on its own terms. The terms of your account agreement alone govern the obligations your national bank has to you to offer prices and offer offset or liquidating transactions in your account and make any payments to you. The prices offered by your national bank may or may not reflect prices available elsewhere at any exchange, interbank, or other market for foreign currency.
  4. Paid solicitors may have undisclosed conflicts. The national bank may compensate introducing brokers for introducing your account in ways that are not disclosed to you. Such paid solicitors are not required to have, and may not have, any special expertise in trading and may have conflicts of interest based on the method by which they are compensated. You should thoroughly investigate the manner in which all such solicitors are compensated and be very cautious in granting any person or entity authority to trade on your behalf. You should always consider obtaining dated written confirmation of any information you are relying on from your national bank in making any trading or account decisions.
  5. Retail forex transactions are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.(FDIC)
  6. Retail forex transactions are not a deposit in, or guaranteed by, a national bank.
  7. Retail forex transactions are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of all amounts invested.

Finally, you should thoroughly investigate any statements by any national bank that minimize the importance of, or contradict, any of the terms of this risk disclosure. These statements may indicate sales fraud.

This brief statement cannot, of course, disclose all the risks and other aspects of trading off-exchange foreign currency with a national bank.

They spell it out EXACTLY like it is.  Obviously- if anyone actually read this- they wouldn’t bother trading.



YOU ARE PLAYING A GAME AGAINST THE GUYS WHO WROTE THE PROGRAM therefore- they will NEVER let you earn money and keep it.  They will ALWAYS take it back.

It doesn’t matter how big your account is- hundreds, thousands, millions. ITS STILL A GAME. A game you will loose- because they are making the market appear to go up and down at will.

 all you need to do is look for the “risk” statement or under terms and conditions- both of which can be found in tiny print at the bottom of every trading sites home page.

. The only way you will make money is if they loose money. They are a retail business-they exist to make money. If you make money-you will discover that they wont let you withdraw more than your original deposit.

The games are programmed to make you win enough to deposit more and more money- then its programmed to take the entire account thru failed transactions, fake high volume freezing-fake market spikes. And there’s nothing you can do about it because they say they will do all this in their risk statement that you signed but didn’t likely read carefully.

IT’S AN ONLINE GAME AND YOUR PLAYING AGAINST THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THE GAME. THEY CONTROL everything! They decide when you win and how much you win- and when to take it all away. If you try outsmart them by closing your account while your ahead- you never get your money out. They ignore you.


I’m fighting to have the definition of the term FOREX be changed back to its intended meaning: transactions done on the Foreign Exchange.

The CFTC and the NFA altered it to mean off-exchange transactions.



  1. sam

    The only question is how is the Forex manipulated so that you always lose your money ? The RFED companies can’t manipulate the Forex because they simply don’t have access to. Therefore they only upload the price charts in their “gaming platforms”, but the prices remains the same ( minus their spread ). I think that the RFED’s crime is to be in conspiracy with the institutions that influence prices by means of algorithmic high frequency trading ( i.e the RFED communicates all orders of their gamblers to the high frequency traders ; the high frequency traders injects high volume orders in fraction of second to create spikes on the price chart; the RFED gamblers get stoped or being under presure close their positions or their positions gets closed by margin call etc…and those who manage to hold their position ususally lose even more and all ! Forex is a real buchery !
    in any ways I never trade forex because the time series are way too noisy !

    • sam

      I mentioned high frequency trading because I have issues with this phenomenon : now more and more indexes and stocks are getting noisy because of crazy AI trading !

    • noiqscore

      Your still thinking that these trades are being processed together. There are no other real traders involved. No institutions. Just you and the game platform being run by the RFED. Everyone you think your trading against are fabricated by the gaming program. The price is put in the platform – yes- but the program creates the movement that causes you to loose. In the trading agreement you sign it says you agree to them adjusting the price, the volume your able to trade and the spread- even after a trade has been completed!

    • noiqscore

      They are in control of the prices they tell you- what they upload is used as a guide which their own charts movement uses as a reference- Its programmed to stay within a certain distance of the feeds movement- fluctuating within that range as needed to get the task of making you hit your margin. The way to detect it is to open several trading platforms from totally different servers- not just different brokers. Run 3 or 4 side by side open to the same pair such as JYP|USD then open heavy positions in different directions on different platforms- (use test accounts) Use 9/10ths of half your margin. like 23k on a 50k test account. Put distant profit limits on some (12+) and stop limits on others- not too far away-(-4) Now watch on minute chart on each platform without touching the keyboard or mouse. They wont match each others movement. Instead they will move based on where your position is. On the plus side- the movement is reflected in sister pairs and thats how you beat the system. Using the systems drift caused by position on one pair to move the market so you profit on another pair that you loaded less heavily. Its a balancing act.

  2. Jacob Rhitte

    Hi there, does any individual have any legitimate evaluation of the Forex Megadroid application? All of the opinions via the internet just appear to be affiliate websites.

    • Gareth

      Hi I’ve used various version of Forex Megadroid. It can work really well for several weeks, and then will trade a few disasterous trades in a row, and lose all your money. This happens pretty much inevitably. I have also traded with several different brokers, including Alpari UK, and FXCM. I would always win on demo accounts, and lose on live accounts, After about 3 years trying, I realise that the brokers are all pitted against you, anfd will always adjust their spreads to prevent automated trading (at high levels of leverage and small lots sizes) from winning, you will always lose with this method, full stop.

      The only way you might make money is with longer term, small trades, this way corrupt brokers spread increases will not affect you trade as badly, as you should aim for 50-200 pips profit per trade.

  3. Michael

    I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog and taking the time for explaining in detail how the forex companies are scamming us. I had a company start closing my trades at random when I started beating the simulation and could not figure out why it kept happening. Your blog explains it so well to the ones who seek the truth. Keep up the good work you are definitely making a difference!

    • noiqscore

      Thank you for commenting. I was starting to think I was wasting my time trying to tell people whats going on- seemed like all the visitors were just people leaving spam comments. Knowing at least one person gained understanding from my blog makes writing it all worth it. Please tell as many people as possible the truth about whats going on. There’s so much money involved… only people brave enough to expose them is the general public.

  4. David Johnson

    Forex trading is the most liquid financial market in the world. One can make use of automated Forex trading system for making fast, secure transactions in Forex trading. I would love to make all the interested traders aware of my online trading website through which we provide some trading tips to the traders in order to avoid failure and risk in Forex trading market. With these helpful tips and instructions on Forex trading, brokers and various traders gain the upper hand by going through our important articles on Forex trading.

  5. fausto

    If I had know this before I would never placed my money in the hands of professional crooks scam bags ! Any one would expect when placing a trade bet for the market to go 50/50 up or down, but now, my bets 99% were all set against me, I did find hard to believe at first, naive and new to this business market. They assessed me as an easy prey, and they scammed me .

    • noiqscore

      Its happening world wide and the stock market is next. I agrer- it has to be stopped but I don’t know how either. Too much money is involved for governments to stop them. Its up to us to warn each other.

  6. Paul


    I read with great interest your post here, as I have traded forex as a retail trader for about eleven years; first with FXCM (lost £7,500 often due to inexplicable ‘spikes’) in London, UK, then with Plus500 (not as bad; but after working for two years to at least break even, i made some share trades out of frustration. I bought one ticker, a gold mining company in Australia, EVN at about $1.20. It immediately began to lose value, even though the fundamentals said it was worth about $200,000,000. Over the next two months it dropped more than 50 percent and i was stopped out. Within a few days, the price began to ‘recover’ and eventually, over the next month, it recovered about 75% of the ‘loss’. This was a very painful lesson to me, as it cost me about $17,000). Finally, i started trading with Oanda (50:1 margin by law in Singapore) and XM. With Oanda, i almost lost the account (about $9000 down to $700) but, over 18 months i managed to trade the account back into profit, and it has been the best performer. I credit this mainly to the low leverage, among other considerations). The XM story is entirely different. I had no prior experience with such high leverage, and ruined the first account: i was holding a BUY in Euros at €1.39 or so and over six months, the EURUSD fell by about 14 percent. I lost about €14,000. I was crushed. I had tried to hedge; but holding 30 lots on each side was costing me about €20 a day in rollover. Again, i was stopped out. I was very foolish, and never should have leveraged using the high leverage, or held such a large position. But ‘who expected the Euro to fall 15 percent in six months?’ I did not know or understand, even after about 9 years, that the markets are totally rigged, never mind by the brokers and banks; the politicians also control the value of their imaginary value paper. I tried again, and reduced my exposure. But, unimaginably, the EURUSD pair continued to fall again…altogether another ten percent down, to €1.046. This was from my last stopout at €1.25 or so. Again, i lost another €3700 or so. I am now almost broke and living on credit cards: my debt is more than $23,000 and i am currently not working for an employer.
    There are so many people like myself. In fact, there are others in MUCH worse situations; some have lost their marriages and even committed suicide. If what you say is true about RFT being a total fucking scam, run by bastards without conscience and served in the interests of their lord, Lucifer, then i respectfully come to you with a request: i have set up a limited company in Singapore (last year). I was originally going to trade and teach people to trade forex. However, it definitely appears that all retail forex trading is ONLY simulated. I became more convinced of this possibility when i opened an account with IQOption, the russian broker whose ads are dirtying up the entire internet. After spending two months trading using IQOption (standard and turbo options) and making more than 1000 (one thousand) trades, i spent €64.46. But i was UNABLE to make net profit. I am convinced that Iqoption is absolutely a simulation and NOT REAL. So, my question for you is: can you help me to teach people how fraudulent forex trading is? Can you make any suggestions as to how i could petition the Government of Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to BAN companies offering forex trading from offering ANY services to retail forex clients, UNLESS they post clearly that the ‘trading is simulated’ and that NO profits are actually possible? Any suggestions as to what to put on my website, ? Please note: i am planning to petition the Singapore. Government to FORCE all of the above brokers to admit or at least notify any and all potential retail forex traders (who have no experience with them) that retail forex trading is a scam, it is a mirage, and that NO. Profit is possible AT ALL because the trading is not real it is simulated. Second, if the Government cannot do this, i want them to AT THE VERY LEAST force all retail forex brokers ‘licensed to trade in Singapore’ to be allowed to offer ONLY 50:1 leverage, as Oanda is now required to do. If. Oanda is required to do it, why should FXCM, Plus 500, and XM be exempted? I am going to write and bitterly complain to the Singapore Government about XM in particular (as i live in Singapore and my disastrous losses to these fucks happened here) because MANY Singaporeans are going to (if they are not already) face financial ruin due to fuckers and cunts like the bastards who run XM. They are such idiots! They will burn in Hell for their lies and thefts; but they are so corrupt they couldn’t care less.

    Please excuse my awful language. But my life has been badly damaged by these thieves. I am set back at least five years (and it has damaged my marriage and probably affected whether i can afford children) due to fuckers like the shits who lie about the potential for profit with retail forex trading. I lost at least $40,000 so far (including the mining share incident, which also appears to have been entirely scripted by the likes of. Drew F. Niv), and cannot live properly anymore. Please help me to spearhead a movement in Singapore to right the ship as it were, and give the crooks a lesson in due diligence they won ‘t forget!

    • noiqscore

      Sorry I took so long to respond. Yes- its truly all simulated for accounts with less than 100 million in them.
      Its now a global state. Worse yet- stock market is gearing up to do the same
      They are not required to tell you because its in the contract. It does say account trades off exchange. They don’t have to use the word simulated because they had the actual definition of the term Forex Trading changed from “on exchange” to ” off exchange”.

      Its up to individuals to warn each other of what’s going on.

    • Andrew

      Hi Paul, We exchanged posts about 12 -18 months ago over on John Forman’s Essentials of Trading site…. (Re: Ctrader) I hope you managed to get your head back together and got away from Forex….

      John’s since removed the last 2-3 years from the “Is Forex a scam” thread… It must be awkward being paid by the “industry” while allowing people to post the negative realities of their experiences in FX on your funnel piece…

      After 2.5 years of trading Forex I have come to the conclusion that the whole thing is a game….nothing more… with the internet littered with an avalanche of ra-ra boys and educators just honing your skills to give them your money……

      Unfortunately, the few paragraphs about how it changed you as person for the worst…are so, so, so believable. I have come out the other side with a very similar mindset… it’s not unlike recovering from a barbiturate dependence….I imagine….

      I was very lucky not lose too much to the thieves (~$3000) over the journey, many small accounts….and I’ll chalk that up to experience and the eye opening reality of how malevolent the OTC market is….

      By the way… how you going with your book on the whole experience?
      Mark me down for a buy if you release it on Amazon…


      • noiqscore

        Hi, not sure who paul is. This is my site. I’m glad if you did meet someone you could talk to thru my blog. Sorry you lost and money. My whole reason for writing all this was in hopes of keeping at least a few people from getting tricked into thinking forex was still real. I havent looked into it all in a while.I gotso fed up with the cftc profiting off all the massive fines while no money would get returned to those scammed. The whole fining them is part of the game. Make it look like they get in trouble for ehat they do. Take the payoff and right back at it.

        Thsnks for updating by letting me know the game is still going on.

        Warn as many people as possible! They can only scam us if we let them.

      • Andrew

        Hi Janna? Sorry I thought I was replying to Paul, who I had a discussion about the negatives of FX with 18 months ago on another forum… no problem.

        My loss was small and nowhere near crippling when compared to some really unfortunate traders out there.

        So much Information on your Blog…some real eye opening stuff…the sales job done on FX is just so pervasive.. it is hard to get any real facts across..
        The fact that FXCM was so visible in your examples turned out to be a precursor to reality when they were banned from operating in the US for behaving badly.

  7. RE Gibeault

    Ahh now I see… I always told my dad they were doing this… It happens on the futures markets too… used to trade simulator running a chat room could call 30 points in the market until I used real money. I created a “bankerboy” fake out strategy where I’d get long into the market, but put a buy limit buy above where I entered and a sell stop at the bid side (this is in reverse of what a trader would do – which would be put a stop loss limit on the ask side) and the program would run to my stop, at the last moment.. I’d flip the script on them and cancel and simultaneously put a limit order take profit) could lead the market by the nose all day long – then my platform would “go asleep” with no market volatility on either side – The next day after their “updates” the market would be vicious whipsaw… but I wasn’t watching the markets, I was watching a computer program… everything on TV is a prop. This is in addition why some RFED brokers accused and took profits from traders who “injected price” into the platform – cause the platform was the market – and someone figured how to manipulate it to inject a better price (a glitch in the software – much like a video game hack). The broker claims seemed so ridiculous cause you thought “who could manipulate FOREX from their own platform?” You weren’t just manipulating your own feed… the technology like this exists in camera codec technology… mpeg 4 passes the legal standard “Frye test” cause it repaints frame by frame motion picture (re-renders it)… others like H.264 just repaints the pixelations of change from the last frame (motion) and overlays that on last video frame for the visualization of movement – but it can hence be manipulated thus rejected in a court of law… My question is, who are these employees who could make such a thing to game and fraud the people and then go home and be able to sleep at night? Doesn’t anyone have any scruples anymore?

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