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FOREX WARNING BLOG- do u want me to keep writing it? is it helping anyone?

I feel like no one cares. Like I’m wasting my time.

If you want me to keep going than please say so.

My whole goal is to try protect people from getting scammed by the whole change in the FOREX market from real to simulated. While 9 thousand people have visited my blog- most come to try put advertising in the comment sections.

I’ve had maybe 25 real comments. Is that all the real readers I’ve had?

If this blog has helped you- please let me know, Gathering the information takes a lot of time and is pointless if no one is making use of it.



8/19/13 FXCM chart scale differences for each pair deludes people: proof

Ever opened a contract with an auto limit in place and it showed up close with one pair but far away for another- and wondered why- its all part of the game. People are visual. FXCM knows – if it looks the same people will think its the same and confidently place an order.  Before you place a big order- place one for a single tiny contract to verify how far away 12 pips really is. The closer 12 pips appears to the position- the more money you will make.

proof: I opened positions in 8 pairs and this shows where the limit showed up in the same screen view for all 8.


click on chart picture twice to see full size in a new screen


chart flaw fxcm