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NFA’s master scam explained

How the mass scam was created

  • Forex scamming was a planned action made possible by the NFA (National Futures Association) who’s self assigned job it is to protect us. Instead- they have betrayed everyone by setting up the biggest fraud scheme the world has ever seen. Seems like bold accusations until you see the facts.

    NFA took it upon its self to change the definition of the word FOREX. The globally understood meaning is “transactions done on the Foreign Exchange. The word its self came from the word FOReign EXchange. To change what it stands for is obviously going to cause confusion- particularly when they changed the meaning to “off-exchange transactions”

    By doing this- it allowed the brokers and firms to call the new gaming platforms “FOREX trading”
    without violating the federal laws against false advertising. It allowed the simulated trading programs to take over without people even knowing they were play gaming programs. The real fraud is that the NFA is behind the whole delusion that any of it is real.

    Their website states ALL accounts with less than 10 million in assets and most small businesses are referred to as “Customers”. “Customers” trade “OTC” on “Retail” accounts. What does this really mean? Customers trade of simulated trading programs. No foreign exchange. No other person trading- just you against the game- controlled by the brokerage firm. They control when the prices rise and drop as needed to make sure you loose. Winning would mean they have to pay you out of pocket- and they are in the business to make money- not give it away. Breaking even doesn’t make them money either. They need to drain your account – your account is their income.

    Those contracts say more than most people realize. The NFA site states that they cannot claim no slippage unless their contract doesn’t permit them to adjust the prices of transactions before and or after transactions have been completed. as in altering the price a transaction was conducted at- after its been completed. Yes- they get to make you loose even after you win.

    FXCM told me not one customer has ever walked away with 1 cent of the money they invested- and none ever will. Those that do “win” aren’t allowed to take out their winnings right away- they stall them – because they all eventually start trading the money again- allowing them the chance to drain the account.

    So unless you have an account backed by more than 10 million- you are not trading on the foreign exchange. You are playing a game programmed to make you loose.

    Test it yourself- trade next to someone else on a different ip address on test account with the same broker. One take a large sell position, the other a large buy position in the same currency pair- watch the charts move different on each screen- going against you. If it were real- it would move exactly the same on both screens. The programs are very sophisticated- they follow the stock market in general- but make calculated spikes and drops in direct response to your trading patterns- which it learns.

    Worse thing you can do is to use a robot. It makes it even easier for the program to learn.

    Please sign my FOREX White House petition before March 1st 2013 to get the real definition of FOREX restored. Its the first step in ending the great delusion they’ve gotten away with for years!