NFA Rules that prove Platforms are just simulated trading= not real trading

NFA rules about platforms

Trade Integrity

General Standard
FDMs must adopt and enforce written procedures reasonably designed to ensure the integrity of trades placed on their trading platforms.

. Trading platforms must be designed to provide bids and offers that are reasonably related to current market prices and conditions. For example, bids and offers should increase as prices increase, and spreads should remain relatively constant unless the market is volatile.
Furthermore, if an FDM advertises a particular spread (e.g., 1 pip) for certain currency pairs or provides for a particular spread in its customer agreement, the system should be designed to provide that spread.

The report should exclude transactions by contract eligible participants **as that term is defined in Section 1a(12) of the CEA.
 (** contract eligible participant=those with accounts with over 10 million)
Management should approve each fill outsi de the price range displayed by the system when a market order was placed and should document the reason for the fill price.

If the FDM’s customer agreement provides for exceptions in volatile or illiquid markets and those exceptions are prominently disclosed, the system may be programmed to be consistent with the agreement’s terms.


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