WARNING: Stock market gearing up to become simulated

My daughters economics class signed up for simulated stock market accounts. I checked it out discovered its a site designed to have high school students compete within their own class or with outsiders. The market is set up just like forex- following its general movements.

While they currently are calling simulated stock market trading a “Game”  I believe its leading to the same set up as retail Forex trading.

Why do I believe this?  METATRADER is the platform being used. It means not only are all the programs in place – they’ve been testing them using students. Its only a matter of time before they alter the definition of stock market trading to mean “retail” trading = simulated.

*** CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT UPDATES. Any contract updates. They didn’t have to tell people when they switched the market from real to fake with FOREX so they won’t tell anyone when the stock market gets shifted as well. Most contracts say they can change the terms of the contract at any time without notice. And you agreed to it when you signed it.

I’ll research and report what I find shortly.

I do believe the plan of getting high school age people hooked on trading young has backfired. Out of 200+ students in my daughters group- just one was ahead after the first week with a 10k account. 199 students learned that you won’t make money trading stock.  Exactly what they needed to find out!

Watch for updates.


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