8/19/13 FXCM chart scale differences for each pair deludes people: proof

Ever opened a contract with an auto limit in place and it showed up close with one pair but far away for another- and wondered why- its all part of the game. People are visual. FXCM knows – if it looks the same people will think its the same and confidently place an order.  Before you place a big order- place one for a single tiny contract to verify how far away 12 pips really is. The closer 12 pips appears to the position- the more money you will make.

proof: I opened positions in 8 pairs and this shows where the limit showed up in the same screen view for all 8.


click on chart picture twice to see full size in a new screen


chart flaw fxcm




  1. fausto

    I was new to this I was introduced buy the Halifax UK into this, hoping that they would be honest company to deal.
    It tuned out the be a terrible bad experience
    I realized at the end ( too late )that all my trade were set against me .
    I had a open position for almost 2 months, the same second I closed the price went up, , I then bought it back the same minute, and the price went down and down, I then sold again with a further loss, and the price went up and up. I realized then how they scammed me, in the most rotten and vile way.
    Crooks at work .

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