FXCM platform – It wont let you do well- no matter how good you are. It cheats.

Its easy to start doubting your skill at trading when your performance continues to get worse. But it’s not you! The programs are getting better and better at preventing you from succeeding.

When I first used FXCM test accounts- I could easily double a 50k account over night. Now I’m lucky to be up by 8k in a week. My skills are no different than before- its the movement of the chart that has changed. Its getting to where it’s pretty visible- always changing direction right below your limit points while always managing to spike any stop limits you place. And every time you get in on a trend- the trend falls apart. Why- Its not real. A real trend would continue. The way these games are programmed it really not worth throwing your money away.

It used to be fun for me to play around on test accounts- FXCM being my platform of choice-they took all the fun out of it. Personally- I can’t wait for the FBI to process the case against the NFA so all this nonsense will stop. We have to DEMAND that real forex trading be the only trading allowed. They have ripped off enough money from everyone already- enough is enough!




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