FSA Warning: unauthorized firms and individuals RECENTLY ADDED FIRMS (Feb 8-20, 2013)


Copied from the FSA website, these are the firms and individuals added to their unauthorized list                                   between Feb 8 2013 and Feb 20, 2013

resource link: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/doing/regulated/law/alerts/unauthorised-firms


Unauthorized firms and individuals

Recently added firms

20 February – Boston Acquisition Group (www.bostonag.com)

16 February – MCI Zurich (www.mci-zurich.com)

15 February – Belgrave Acquisitions

15 February – Euro Forex Investment Limited

14 February – Hamilton Davis Group (www.hamiltondavisgrp.com)

14 February – Reynolds Merger Solutions

12 February – Nelson Capital Advisors

11 February – Yakamoto Investments

08 February – Mayer Thomas (www.mayerthomas.com) (Clone of EEA Authorised firm)

08 February – Geneve Invest (Europe) S.a.r.L (Clone of FSA EEA firm www.geneveinvestireland.com)


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