Feb 2013: CFTC active/current LEGAL CASES (case status reports)

2/17/2013  This is the list of current CFTC cases. They have not necessarily been resolved- but the parties have been charged with violations. The CFTC doesn’t pursue cases without merit- If you have funds/accounts with any of the following groups and or individuals- it’s vital that you actively take measures to protect yourself. Contact the CFTC if you have info that may help with the case. Contact them if you have money currently being held by any of those listed- they need to know to be able to help you to try recover it.

Information copied from the CFTC website 

Resource link:http://www.cftc.gov/ConsumerProtection/CaseStatusReports/index.htm


Case Status Reports  

The CFTC provides Case Status Reports to inform the public of the current status of ongoing legal cases brought against defendants accused of committing futures trading violations.

Case Status Reports are updated as new information becomes available. For more information, please contact the staff contact listed in each report.

If the matter you are searching for is not listed down below, please visit Enforcement Actions.

Current Case Status Reports


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