• noiqscore

      because unless you have an account with more than 10 million in it- your don’t get to trade on the real exchange. You get to trade on a simulated trading platform programmed to make you loose- no one has a chance in hell of profiting- no matter how good you are.

  1. Finn

    If you trade actual futures contracts, not the spot market, your orders get sent directly to the CME. If you trade electronically, then the orders would be executed on the Globex platform. You can actually see the liquidity that other traders and trading firms provide the market place (although its all anonymous). This is not your broker providing liquidity with a fake bid-ask spread like the forex market. Futures brokers have no interest in taking the other side of your order, the money in your account is segregated from the broker’s business, and you certainly don’t need $10 million to get started.

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