The charts are computer generated based on algorithms. The movement is controlled by a program. The program is predictable if you know how to view its past movement.
When I sit down to trade- first thing I do is look at each currency pair on a minute chart to see which currency pairs have the most movement. Doesn’t matter which way its moving – as long as the maximum couple minute swing range is at least 1″ tall.  Once you identify which few pairs are sufficiently active- open their 30 minute chart. Condense it until you can see about 6 months all at once.
Look at the pattern of movement- by condensing the chart that much- the movement pattern will suddenly be visible. The pattern will always show bumps that become smaller and farther apart as the months go by. Take notice of where in the pattern you currently are. Based on where in the pattern you are- you can easily see if it’s moving up or down in general.

If it’s moving down- you know to try always sell in and buy out. Hold onto sell contracts for several swings to gain maximum profit. Never hang onto bought contracts. Only buy your way in if the market is very active.

The picture shows how the same chart info looks at different time views- and how looking in the wrong view can tell you wrong info.  I only use a very condensed 30 minute to establish that weeks market direction -then use a minute chart to trade with.

Questions? ask as a comment and I will reply.

This method is what makes me successful at trading. Using this method I’ve traded 147  transactions in a row with no losses.


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