First- what makes me qualify as a FOREX prodigy?  A Forex prodigy is someone who can achieve what others think is impossible- easily and consistently. A natural- able to see something that others can’t in the movement of the charts.

I knew nothing about Forex when a friend (10 years as a lic broker) who knew I see things differently than others wanted to see if it would make me good at trading. He placed a bet- he had a real 5k account- and he opened a 50k test account for me on PFG BEST. He said whoever doubles their account first wins- and if I won- he’d place 1k in a real account for me to trade. He spent maybe only 5 min showing me how to complete a transaction- intentionally not saying much to ensure he’d win.

With no guidelines on lot sizes- or how long to hold contracts- I just traded in a way that made the most money fast- without screwing up my margin. I was very determined to do well and was thrilled when I managed to double the account in just a few hours- but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to shock him- so I kept going – trying to get my profit as high as possible before he checked in with me about it. I got in 2 full days of trading by the time he called.

I will never forget his reaction when I proudly announced I’d cleared 2 million in 2 days. He freaked and showed up at my house in minutes- demanding that I show him how I did it. He said “if you can really do this- do it again- open a new 50k account”  Only after I made 50k into 2 mil 7 times in a row did he finally believe I really could do it.

On my 8th account- I kept going. By 4 days I cleared 10 million, then trying to close an additional 30 sets of 30 lots that same day for an additional 17 mil- I crashed the test account server. PFG called me and asked me to please stop trading like I was- That they never considered what I was doing possible- they didn’t design the program to process numbers that high. They called me a trading Prodigy. Duccas Copy called me a savant. I don’t know what I am- But I do know this-

Even I would loose on a real account because they aren’t actually real. Just like the test accounts- the “live” accounts are programs- online games that they hired a programmer to write for them. They have total control over that game- the control the market movement, the volume, the glitches, market plunges. ALL of it. They are the counterparty- this means the only way you win is if they loose- it’s not in their best interest to loose. They are a business out to make money.
Those that do let you win- don’t allow you to ever remove the money from your account. They stall forever. Or start ignoring you. I’m not talking about little accounts either. Youtrade is right now holding on to 2 group accounts with a total of 1.6 million in them. They asked to close the account almost a year ago and all they get is run arounds.

Don’t think just cuz your account is funded with 3mil that it’s a real forex account. The biggest brokers in the business are all simulated trading.

How much money is tied  up in these these off-exchange trade accounts? 84 Trillion a month. Considering they don’t let you win or take your money back out- that’s 84 trillion that’s being stolen from people. Every month.

So I traded test accounts for fun for 6 years- and can easily double a 50k account over night. Its common for me to have 170 positive turn arounds in a row. My method is to trade high volume and holding it for as little as 20 seconds. Hyperscalping. I close trades somewhere between 3 times the commission and a few thousand. No stops. 1 minute chart with no guides.

I don’t follow market reports or news- all I do is watch the chart’s movement patterns. Candle sticks. I trade euros/usd most but also trade whatever else is moving a lot with a small spread.

If you have questions- just ask. Can you learn to do what I do- not likely. My brain is different that most. Intelligence testing found me to be higher than can be given an IQ score. My friend spent years trying to have me show him- and he never caught on.


check their risk statements. Look for the words OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) and OFF-EXCHANGE  these are fake.

Comment with a trade group  name I didn’t list yet- and I will post what I find.


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