Think of it as software that was permanently loaded on all humans hard drive. All living things have a program that governs their body and their thinking and their actions. It is driven by raw instinct. Its designed to be the ultimate controller – able to over ride your conscious mind- derailing your strongest intentions. Understanding its effects will bring clarity to behavior patterns. With understanding-  self behavior modification becomes possible.

The definition of CIVILIZED is currently incorrect.

To become CIVILIZED is to learn to control ones “animal” instincts.The amount to which ones instincts are controlled is a testament to how civilized a person is. History correctly labeled people who acted less civilized as barbaric- Allowing their instinctive urges to control their actions. To be civilized is to behave in a civil fashion.

What urges?

The urge to eat, drink and sleep. The urge to use the bathroom. And of course- to reproduce.
And while these are already known  to fall under the survival instinct. Reproduction is part of that core instinct. Whats different about what I discovered is it shows the effects of those instincts on the big picture. Grand scale behavior that plays out over months and years- behaviors we see occurring all around us.

While this will seem to justify a lot of bad behavior- It is not an excuse. Being civilized takes effort. Practicing self control becomes easier when you see what it is that you were failing to control. It’s important to know- Human Programming is designed to be stronger than your will power.You cannot ultimately control it- but you can out smart it! Knowing what behavior will likely happen allows you to plan ahead. Prevention is key.

It’s important to note that the male and female programs are completely different- but they intertwine perfectly. If we followed our internal program- the way people interact would look quite different.

People would flow in and out of each others lives “as needed”.


We teach sex education in middle school- fully informing about every kind of birth control. We empower them with the ability to choose when they will or wont get pregnant. They leave sex education class knowing exactly what to do when the time comes. We teach them how to deal with their emotions and the physical aspects of sex.  But we fail to warn them about the most influential force of all- their internal program. What do I mean? Think about it- it doesn’t matter how sure you are that you don’t want to get pregnant- if protection is an option- your mind will throw your rational good intentions out the window. You sit there watching yourself wanting to get rid of the protection. You get excited by the thought of taking chances- even talk each other into doing it. All the while- in the back of your mind your thinking- What the hell am I doing!? But do you stop? rarely. You are a hostage to your program to get pregnant.

I told my kid sister about this phenomenon and warned her to expect to experience it. She assured me she had very strong feelings about waiting to have kids. I told her the following advise- The only way to prevent getting pregnant is to use a form of birth control that is not optional. For example- the pill, shots,IUD. Optional form are removable- like condoms, spermicidal applications etc. Years later she told me I was right! That she was blown away by just how strong the need to get rid of the birth control was- her body was stronger then her most educated intentions.

FACT: if birth control is an option- your program will opt to do away with it and no amount of education will be able to stop it..SOLUTION: Make it not an option.Warn teen girls that their body will betray them. To expect it- and to understand why it happens.

Next post: the pregnancy cycle’s effect on both men and women’s behavior- and how it can destroy relationships


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